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Love Peoms for Him
Love Peoms for Him

My love for you is just like fire, That will consume you in its flames, That all the desires get fulfilled, My feelings have always been wild and tilt, Whenever I see you nothing remains same, I can’t point you for this but you too feel the same, We are scared of telling each other, Because we both are hard to be tamed, But I believe that one day, We’ll find our way to each other without any blame. 

Love is good but It can be bad, We always want something that we can’t have, I never believed that I could be loved, But you came into my life, And loved me the way I am, You never tried to charge me for anything, You are the perfect true soulmate, Who has made it out for me? Love Peoms For Him

Love is like full of gold, That is good to get but hard to hold, Of all the guys I’ve ever seen, You’re the only one that I can’t leave, I know that God has, Created you for me to love, He chose you for me because, He knew I’ll love you the best. 

Do you remember when for hours we used to talk When we held hands and took long walks? Do you remember how we spent our days In warm sunshine and playing in the rain? What happened to the life we shared? What happened to a love so rare? 

Our first date is the day I will never forget Without even trying the true me came out No guy has ever done that so fast It was an indescribable feeling of bliss How we went for a long walk Holding hands as we would talk 

Let us both run away and I don’t even care where It doesn’t really matter as long as you’re there London, Paris, Hawaii, Canada, or Disney Land, Anyplace is fine with me if you’re holding my hand You’re the one person I’d want by my side. Just say you’ll go with me then, where, we’ll decide Love Peoms For Him

The way I have always felt for you, It could hardly be described, The only thing harder than it was how hard it was to hide I am glad that we are together now I couldn’t feel more alive It is only because of you so many wars that I have survived 

Be it the light graze of your hand Or the delicious smell of your hair, Your cute little smiles Or the strength of your stare. The compassion in your touch, The power in your face , The way you make me feel, That we may never end our embrace Love Peoms For Him

When we first met I thought we were just meant to be friends who would have thought that I would love you in the end? We talked for hours and hours that soon turned to month And that is how I got to know the gem of a person that I had boyfriend 

Best Love Peoms For Him For Whatsapp

They think of you as a monster, They ask me to stay away from you because you were dangerous, But I never felt like that, you’re my safe place, You deserved to be loved, You are kind among them all, You deserved the whole galaxies, But I think I am too little for you, I am just a star who seeks a shelter, and you are that shelter to me, You are nice to me, And I just loved that. Love Peoms For Him

You always wanted everything to be perfect in your life, Till the day I met you, You were just flirting but then you started to love me, I can still remember that look on your face, When you figured out that we both are in love, You didn’t believe because You knew I wasn’t the best, Yet, you realized that Love doesn’t go like that, It is something that understands, When someone isn’t perfect, And you still want them to be yours. 

Love is kind of a sweet flame, Which burns you eternally, That fire never extinguishes, That glow never blow, It speaks in tender tunes, It can only be perceived by an open heart, It demands nothing but loyalty in return, It can only be held by gentle hands. 

Every day with you is a thrill, All the thing I dreamt of are now fulfilled, I now belong to a very sweet place, Which is just right by your arms, Every night we talk, Every path we walk, Reminds me of our love, Which people always thought, You make my mistakes right, You sing those songs at night, We both know how it feels, Still love you after fights. 

I dream you to be my only one, The special one whom, I hold every day of my life, My arms hold you tight, So, you will find those colours, Which always were black and white, I crawl in your dreams, When you fall asleep at night, I want to bring you too close, So, I can keep you in my sight. 

I locked the doors of my heart, And threw the keys, As far as I could be, Then I heard a knock, At that moment I was shocked, There were you smiling at me, But I couldn’t find the key, I was sad, and went back, Then you said that wait for me, There was something in your hand, And you were just holding the Key. 

The day when I first met you Since the day, I met you I knew what true love was I always cared for you in life I always wanted to be there for you I want to protect you along I want to love you so strong This feeling cannot be changed in life The way I feel for you my love My love is true I know that It is only for you, you should know Baby just stay as you are You are my life and my world I will love you forever in life You make my world so bright I love you so much! Love Peoms For Him

Whenever I go far away from you Whenever you go far away from me There is a feeling of unrest I think about the moments that we spend Of all the pretty memories we make I have this feeling in my heart What if I lose you one day What if I lost my say What if things may change And you are not there with me I think that moment I will not survive, I will not really survive without your love Simply because my love is true Simply because I love you Baby yes I really do! 

It has a spell that binds me to you Your love has a spell that binds me to you Whenever I am there with you I melt in your arms my love When you speak to me I just want to listen to you When you look at me with love My heartbeat is faster than ever My love will never change for you You and I complete each other A love that is pure all through A feeling of love being with you Is so awesome and so new Baby I want to be in your shadow of Love forever in my life Baby I love you so much Will love you forever in life

Your love has that charm I can see Your love has a charm that I can see There is a strange allure to thee Things may change but you won’t I trust my love in life I know that we were meant to be I know that we will love forever This bond is so strong I can say Nothing will ever change in dismay Your love is a reason why I am me Everything is as soft as can be Thanks for coming in my life And making me your part You know that you stay in my heart Forever my life to be Baby I love you to thee! Love Peoms For Him

 My life is different because of you My life changed since the day I met you Everything changed in hue for me I was so in love with you I think that was love at first sight Since then I am in awe with you You are the love and my light With you, I feel so awesome my love With you I feel so bright Never change the way you are Never change your things in life Be the same person you are You are my life’s shining star My baby I am in love with you Will be forever and through! 

It’s your love that has changed me It’s your love that has changed it all Your love has made me some other person I was not the same before I was not the same i used to be Your love has given me a new meaning A meaning I forever want to see Love has ways of proving it might With your love, my world is so bright The radiance and that spark in my life Is only because I have you in my life Be the same so in love with me Be the same.. baby I wish to see Your love has given me all the glee! 

Love is true and so deep inside you Love is so true deep inside you It changes the way you see your life A feeling of agitation when love is not around There is a feeling of passion that surrounds Love gives you many reasons to smile Love makes you happy all the while The many things that you share along Makes your bond even more strong I am blessed that I found you I am blessed that I have you in my life Trust me things may not be the same If you were not there with me A love that I can only see in you A love that changes me to be Your love changes it all I can see Baby I love you so much Love Peoms For Him

Your love is the only reason why I am alive Your love is the only reason I am alive Your love has changed it all for me Whenever I am with you my baby I forget about the world around me It is the passion in your eyes I can see It is the way you always care for me I just want to spend time with you I want to hold you tight forever It’s the love I can see in my eyes Love that has made me so wise Baby don’t change is all I want to say You are my only hope in life You are my only way Just stay, as you are my love I love you is all I wish to say! 

Things may change with time my love Things many change with time People also change their ways But when I don’t see you my love So lonely are my days You complete me you are the reason Why I am so happy in every season You complete me and make me smile You are my world all the while A love so perfect that I can see A love that gives me all the glee Do not change ever in life Because of all the things to strive Do not change ever my love, I love you more being wise, I love you so much my life! Love Peoms For Him

One smile changes the heart in you One smile changes it all for me One smile takes my heart away One smile of your my dear I do not have anything to say One smile makes my heart beats faster One smiles changes everything for me A smile that brings me closer to you A smile that has that passion too The passion of love that I can see The passion of love being to you Baby know that I truly love you One smile that changes all in few One smile that made me love you Baby do not lose that smile in life! 

Finding things is not easy Finding things that I want to see With you, my life has all the glee Baby when I am in your arms It feels like an ecstasy More than me, I trust you to be The passion and that love in your eyes Has made me a lot more wise Just wish to stay this way forever Don’t leave me and go and never I cannot stay without you my love Coz you are my life and don’t shove Our love will win over in life It’s so pure and is all mine Baby I love you so much! 

When I am not besides you I am sad when I am not besides you With you, I feel radiance in life That glow on my face is pretty because of you It’s your love that completes my world Your love gives me a new high A high that makes me feel surreal Baby never leave my side and go Coz you complete my life and so I feel the void without you Its only you, yes it’s you Baby my love for you is such It gets a meaning with your touch, I love you very much! Love Peoms For Him

The day when I am not with you The day when I am not with you Is the day when I feel so blue Your arms give me the comfort That takes me to some other world Your love gives me a solace Your love is so thoughtful and warm With you, I feel that I am not me So many pleasant things are there are too You complete my world in every sense Whether in past or future tense Baby I will always love you My love for you is so very true Stay as you are so cuddly With you it feels so new! 

If God Gave Me Just One Wish If God gave me just one wish, I would wish to have you forever, You and me together! I would want to live this dream, As absurd as it might seem. I would want to wake up with you everyday, Telling me that you love me in every way. I would want the touch of your fingers on my skin, And being enveloped around your arms within. I would want to hear you telling me you love me, And that you would do so for eternity. If God gave me just one wish, I would wish to have you forever, You and me together! I am so in love with you. 

A Brand New World For Just You And Me A brand new world for just you and me, A precious new bond that nobody else can see, This bond wraps you and me into a cocoon, And protects us strongly in its womb. I love you so so much! 

I Felt Goose bumps on My Arms I felt goose bumps on my arms, I felt that sweet alarm, When Cupid struck my heart, And that very moment I knew, I never wanted us to ever part. I felt my heart skip a beat, I felt it heavenward take a fleet. When you looked into my eyes, And that very moment I knew, I was up for a beautiful surprise. I felt my knees went weak, When I heard you speak, When you held my hand And that very moment I knew, I was in love, in love with you! Love Peoms For Him

Love is… Love is magical and divine, Love is the way you look at me and smile. Love is wonderful and holy, Love is the day I make you mine! I love you! 

Love Is Beautiful And Unique Love is beautiful and unique, Love is wonderful and brave, Love is loyal and endearing, Love is innocent and naive. Love is pure and faithful, Love is honest and true. Love is caring and earnest, Love is beautiful, Love is you! Love Peoms For Him

Making Me Laugh, When I Am All Low Making me laugh, when I am all low, down and sad, Making me smile through the tears, when I’m hurt real bad. Making me believe in myself, the way no one else can, Making me feel loved, when others don’t understand. Thank you my angel for loving me so, Thank you for always making happiness overflow. I love you! 

You Lift Up My Spirits So High Like No One Else Can You lift up my spirits so high like no one else can, When I am feeling lonely, you are always there to hold my hand. When I need someone to talk to, you give me your listening ear, When I am gloomy and low, you crack me up with your witty humour. When I want to rest my head, your shoulder is always there, When days get tedious, you fill glitter around me and everywhere. I can’t imagine life without you my dearest dear. Only if you knew the love I have in my heart for you, right here! Love Peoms For Him

Walking Along A Moon-Lit Beach Holding Your Hand Walking along a moon-lit beach holding your hand, Kissing in the rain as in the middle of the road we stand, Going for long drives in the middle of the night, Reaching just in time for the sun-rise, it is such a pretty sight. Watching the football match and cheering together, Dancing with you in the romantic weather. I will cherish all these priceless moments forever, I want to live like this perpetually with you together. I love you! 

When You Are Around When you are around, I can feel my heart beat fast. I want this feeling forever to last. I always want you by my side, In your arms I want to hide. Because my darling I love you so, I don’t ever want to let you go. 

Your love means Your love means the world to me Your love is my only ecstasy Your love is prime in my life Without your love I wont survive Baby I love you so much My love for you is such! Love Peoms For Him

What is love What is love, I have known from you A feeling so very pure and true True love is a feeling of heart Right from the very start I just love you And, I know that it is true Love you! 

Your love gives Your loves gives me the power to live, Your love is like my life I don’t think I can stay without you Without you I won’t survive I love you a way too much Waiting for your touch I love you! Love Peoms For Him

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