85+ Sadness Valentine’s day Peoms for Alone Person Felling 2021

 Valentine’s day Peoms for Alone Person Felling

Hey it is good to be this way Hey it’s so good to fall in love So good to embrace someone along But I am alone on this day I really don’t know what to say Some day there will be someone Who will give me a sweet surprise too That will be the day to subject Thinking about that way too So let me also celebrate this Lovely day of love Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone Who are so in love! 

I am all alone this day of love I am alone on this day I know I really do not have words to show I am sure I will find someone Who would come along one day To make my life wonderful every way I am sure that day will come soon As today, I am celebrating this day Alone with things I do want to say Happy Valentine’s Day to all The wonderful couples this day! 

Things look so wonderful Things look so wonderful when You are in love with someone Things look so good when you Have someone to talk to Today I wish that all along All the couples and their bond Stay strong for a life to come That is my wish this valentine’s day For it’s a truly lovely day Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Things will surely not change Things will not change for sure I know that it will remain Things will not change for sure Situations will remain the same It changes when you are in love It changes for all in once When you have someone to Understand you and hug you tight Just as I do not have tonight For sure, I will have in future Happy Valentine’s Day to me For love that I feel to thee! 

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It is a happy day indeed It’s a happy day for all the couples They would exchange good notes Its a happy for couples They would spread the love around Happy day for couples who would Confess everything in the heart I am all alone this day I am surely missing being a part Of someone’s life for sure Happy Valentine’s Day to all For being in love is lovely too! 

Valentine’s day Peoms for Alone Person

The feelings of my heart It’s a feeling of being with someone That fills the heart with love Feeling of getting close to someone Melts your heart to love But, today there is no one beside I am all alone this day and tide Wish someone would be there Wish someone would care The way I want them to care Being in love with someone Happy Valentine’s Day to all! 

I never think what will happen I never think what will happen What has to happen will happen one day But I certainly know that I am saving For the best on this day I am not with someone today I know that I am feeling bad But, instead of being in a state so sad I would like to be happy That there will be someone one day Happy Valentine’s Day to all My lovely family and friends!

I know that this day is for lovers I know that this day is for lovers I know that this day is for people Who believe that love is true Who believe that love is only for Faking it through I am alone today on this day But, I will surely follow my way I will have a reason to rejoice On this day and my choice Happy Valentine’s Day to me For it’s my life with all the glee! 

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No gifts and no cards for me No gift cards, as I know There are many things left to show Gifts that I would gift to me And feel like happiness and glee Love for myself is biggest today As I take this promise this Valentine’s Day That I will love myself first What if being alone What if I want that to happen along Life will be like a wonderful song Happy Valentine’s Day to all! 

I am not so alone in life I am not alone in life I have my loved ones around Its their love which thrives me They give me a motivation to surround I am not alone in life I love the way I can see things Love one word sets me free On this Valentine’s Day I may be alone But certainly not so lonely Wishing everyone around me a Happy Valentine’s Day! 

I don’t have a reason enough I don’t have that smile of love today But will certainly have it in a day I am all alone sitting on my window Watching so many couples express their love It makes me feel good that emotion of love Is still so deep in life It makes me feel good that emotion of love is So strong You feel so blessed being in love To the special one you belong So what if I am single today Will have someone besides me To hold my hand in the journey of life Happy Valentine’s Day!


Things may change with time Things may change in life And people may leave and go But love surely makes a way It has that forever flow It nurtures the heart and makes it kind And it also occupies the mind So what if I am not in love today I will find my love someday A love that will chase my passion And will make my heartbeat so strong A strong love I am talking about To him I will only belong I am alone this day and happy for those Who will start their day with a rose Love conquers everything Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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I will not feel the blue I will not feel blue on this day of love No I won’t feel dejected on this day Its the day when two hearts meet And then also have their say There is a feeling of emptiness within A feeling of holding back too A feeling of not having someone besides Is causing some heartbreak too I know this will not be so long And I will meet someone Who will gel along with me And understand me so well in love Not many moments to behold On this day which is a special one Happy Valentine’s Day to all! 

I act as I am in life I act as I am a good friend to you I smile when you come in front of me But there is a deep desire inside Something I wish I could just see I want to be with you my love And I want that you also love me Tired of being alone this day So many moments lost in the way I want to be with you with all my might Please understand my only plight Does not feel good being alone It feels so lonely and so torn Accept me, as your love some day So that I can also say That I also loved you every while Happy Valentine’s Day! 

I am just lost in you I am just lost like the lost wind There is no one I can call mine Love was never a part of my life A thing that was never destined I feel really bad to be alone this say I feel really sad to not follow my heart But yes I had this life so lonely And it was this day from the start Why should I blame this day A day when many hearts declare their love Let them be happy in their space And I am alone with all my grace Just feeling that someone should come And complete me on this day Wishing a very happy valentine’s day! 

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Seeing every happy person Seeing all those cuddles besides me And looking at those lovely kisses A guy just proposed in front of me And there was a feeling so very glee But alone when I opened the door of my house I wished that someone would be there to embrace Me on this lovely day of love But there was silence all along my way And not a single word to say There should be no single soul On Valentine’s Day I wish that I get my partner next year That would bring in some cheer To my life Happy Valentine’s Day to the world! 

It is that day today It is the Valentine’s Day today, I can see there is love in the air Wherever I get to see, there are couples everywhere Loveless I feel on this awesome day of love Nobody to share my pain with Nobody to make me feel loved That gesture and that smile on my face With that charm and loving grace There is no meaning of this day for me Nothing that I ever want to see But, to all the people who are in love Wishing you a lovely day Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day! 

Oh that mask of mine Oh, that mask which I wear on this day I smile at people and make them say I smile at everyone around And make them feel that I am ok But deep down there is a need to me With someone that I want to see Someone who would love me to thee I am feeling so lonely seeing all I am feeling so helpless to stand so tall Feeling the pain in my heart That I could not make that perfect start There is no one to share my joy There is no one to share my love On this Valentine’s Day, Happy Valentine’s Day to the world! 

Not a soul to love me this day Not a soul to love on this day Oh! it is such a lovely day I feel all alone in this mess Can’t think of any wishful zest When I see all couples around And all the passionate love that surrounds I feel that I also had someone Who would embrace me so tight Who would make up with me When we would wishfully fight It’s all the dream that I see this day Feeling so helpless on this love lad day Feeling alone on this Valentine’s Day Happy Valentine’s Day to the world! 

Valentine’s day Poetry 2021

The feeling of love The feeling of falling in love, The feeling so new Am I feeling the love? Which is about to come in life So this day is for someone Who will enter my life, And make me feel special Happy Valentine’s Day! 

It’s all around me The celebration around me of love, Surely makes me feel glad, There is no emotion Of feeling too bad, It’s just a lovely day that will pass This is surely not the last Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Alone is so much fun Alone I am in this day of love, But, certainly not lonely Because I have people who care I have many people who are there To make my day special, So, this day is dedicated to them Happy Valentine’s Day! 

A day so special Valentine’s day is special for all the people in love, There is a feeling of warmth A feeling of being in love, But I don’t miss anything, As my heart is about to sing For something special is on the way, Happy Valentine’s Day! 

So what in life So what there is no one in life, So What if today is a special day, I love myself and that is enough for me To make my day, So, I would enjoy all through, The feeling so special and new, This valentine! 

Alone I am Alone I am on this day of love, But certainly not disheartened, As I know next year, I will meet the man of my dreams, Alone I may be this year, But, only to be with someone next year, On this day of love, The day of valentine, Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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No roses for me No roses and no color red, Nothing in the day to look ahead, No hearts for me this day, No one to tell me or say, This is such a sad day, For those who don’t have a valentine, Next year I hope I do have someone, To call mine, Happy Valentine’s Day! 

This day today On this day, When everyone are so busy celebrating love, I am all alone sitting by the window, I also want to love someone one day, I also want to go ahead and have my say, But, I guess I will have to wait for some more time, To call someone mine, Happy Valentine’s Day to me! 

I have seen I have seen so many lovers today, I am really feeling blue this day, Why did you leave me on this very special day? Was there not a single way? You could be with me, You know that without you there is nothing left to see, I love you and miss you this day, Happy Valentine’s Day! 

People around me Though people around me are celebrating this day, I really don’t have much to say, Coz today I may be alone, Though today love may not be known, But, I am hopeful that I will be with him tomorrow, Then I will share all my joy and sorrow, For now, it’s happy Valentine’s Day to me! 

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