Best Comcast vs Xfinity Internet Speed Test & Full Review 100%

Beat Comcast vs Xfinity Internet Speed Test & Full Review

Comcast vs Xfinity Internet Speed Test

Hi guys max from Holland and recom where we get whole anyway for those of you following me on Twitter you know I just recently upgraded to a gigabit gigabit ethernet I’m through Comcast let’s go ahead andtake a look alright guys this is the new xp6 wireless gateway or modem this was actually announced at CES 2018 but it comes with two Ethernet ports also two telephone ports I didn’t actually sign up for their telephone service and yeah that’s pretty much it this is their new

Comcast vs Xfinity Internet Speed Test : Giga bits modem alright I actually like the fact that it’s pretty compact okguys right now my desktop is connected straight into the modem to get the fastest speeds we’ll go ahead and run this several times and see what we get but yeah I was able to get almost a gig several times it used these averagedaround like 670 on my desktop PC there we go we got 720 And 30 ,35 megabits now the reason why

I got it wasn’t actually for the download speeds it was actually for the upload speed since I do a lot of youtube uploads and the advertised upload speed for this is actually supposed to be 35 megabits per second upload so I’m getting 40 almost 42 so this is gonna be great for uploading YouTube videos let’s go ahead and run it several times more but yeah it’s been a pretty good upgrade

Comcast vs Xfinity Internet Speed Test

I wouldn’t say it’s not for everybody and if you really want to take advantage of this you really gotta be using I think a desktop computer for wireless you’re gonna lose a lot of the speed which I’ll demonstrate in a bit now these are speeds that I’m getting connected directly to the modem if you start using a router a switch and then your download speeds go out go down drastically so you really gotta have that gigabits set up correctly to get take advantage of this and even with me directly connected I’m not getting the full gig all right but it’s still pretty good

I mean 700 I’ll take it any day or if you stream a lot of movies if you upload a lot of stuff obvious is gonna be the best choice a Comcast does have the pro which is two gigs down and two gigs up they don’t have any in my area yet so you can actually get that too so these are the approximate prices it may be different where you live but I’m actually paying hundred and twenty dollars a month for the gigabit so you get thousand down and five up now if you guys do a lot of uploads you actually need to have the fastest download and upload

you can go with x1 gigabit Pro this is what I want to get but obviously it’s not available in my area but yeah one of these days if the price comes down definitely upgrading to this now the only thing with it’s not really designed to test Gigabit Ethernet asmuch so if you go to Google Fiber speed tests and you get more truer results and let me go in show you how fast it is and

this is directly to their Stanfordlocation and you can see I get a lot higher speeds so yeah when you do this test make sure try the Google Fiberbecause this is all four gigabit tests so as you can see I get a lot higher speeds I’m testing with Google Fiber okay so the Internet is very fast but how fast is it on your phone let’s go and find out and on your phone you’re

obvious gonna lose a lot more I’m actually using Google Wi-Fi right nowI’m like literally like three feet away from the router so I’m getting very very good speeds all right so let me go ahead and run it several times for you so you can get an idea of how fast your internet will be so even with a gig I’m not gonna be able to take full advantage of it once it goes to Wi-Fi you’ll lose

almost more than half the speed as you can see here all right looking pretty good now make sure you’re on 5 gigahertz if you’re not on 5 gigahertz you’re not gonna be able to take advantage of the fastest speeds on the Wi-Fi obviously with 2.4 gigahertz I think you’re gonna top out below 100 megabits per second so is it worth getting gigabit

I think so price not too bad around a little bit over 100 bucks if you do a lot of work at home like myself if you down all a ton of stuff simply if you need the absolutely the fastest internet gigabit I think it’s a very good option of course if you do get gigabit and you need fast wireless you want to take advantage of it make sure you upgrade

your home Wi-Fi to a better router maybeone of the newer mesh networks I’m using the Google Wi-Fi I would recommend it for most houses big houses if you have the correct setup then at least you’ll be able to take advantage of the faster download speeds so in a way

if you have verygood home Wi-Fi network you might be better off getting the slower speeds now the only reason again I got this one is because of the upload speeds the higher upload speeds but yeah for right now I’m pretty satisfied customer for the price I paid I think it’s pretty good Giga bits but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video hit the thumbs up and I’ll see you guys on the next one as always stay you

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