Best free fire Character in 2021 ( Chrono )

Today I will talk to you Free Fire New Character Chrono This is a new character that has come in the Free Fire game. The best thing in this character is that it is the ability of this character. It creates a shield around itself and if any  If you have activated a character nail, you will not suffer any damage if the person kills you because the self will save you, but in this too you will get seconds according to the level, if you have to increase the level of your character to increase the seconds

This character is seen to meet us in the top up event on November 19, you will get this character for around ₹ 80, you will get this character in 100 diamonds and you will get 300 more diamonds if you want emo  You get 300 diamonds and top up, after that you will also get emotes for free and in the last, you want the costume of this character, then you will have to top up about 500 diamonds, only then you will get a dress

And you will get a backpack. This character is related to that, you will not see any topper payment, you get that event only by logging in. You can see it in the photo below for 5 days, you will get this backpack for free.

Pro tips

I have used this character personally, so it is my personal opinion that when you are using this character, let me tell you that if you activate the skill of this character, then you will become this field around you.  But you have to kill the person within 9 seconds, if more than that, then this shield will disappear, if a guy wants to come from outside and wants something in the inside, then he can kill you very easily because it is dish advantage.


If you use this character, then you can fail the person easily, for this, when you activate the heart, you will have 9 seconds, within 9 seconds you have to kill the person, you can easily  You can do this through this character, you can simultaneously blow the entire score together

Chrono Disadvantage

This character which is the most disavantage that when playing this character till date, if any person comes inside the seal during that time, then that guy can kill you very easily and if there are three captives in front of you  If this character shield fires three captives at once, if a complete magazine of all three is finished, then it breaks in just 1 second. In this field, you get 600 damage simultaneously.  If silt, that sild breaks

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