67+Best Inspirational Father’s Day Peoms, Quotes And Images 2021

Best Inspirational Father’s Day Peoms, Quotes, Slogans, With Images for Whatsapp

He is now 75, And his skin has fallen aside, The wrinkles on his face, Can be seen from far away, His hands are shivering, Even when it’s not cold, And he has no teeth left, In his pretty mouth, His senses are now getting fade, His bones are weak, He can’t stand still, But yet is not ready to commit, That he is old and can’t hold his kids. 

Nothing can change Nothing can change the love That I hold for you in my heart Dad you have always been there For me from the start I respect you and I love you a lot You always want that success for me Thanks for everything dad Know that you are special to thee Happy Father’s day to you I simply love you! 

Most amazing dad Happy Father’s day to the Most amazing dad I know You are the best one You taught me so much From being wise to that grace From losing to winning a race From being patient with things To get what I need in life Dad you are great I so cherish this time That I spend along with you Dad I truly love you Happy Father’s day to you! 

Best Inspirational Father’s Day Peoms

You are truly dear Fathers are truly dear to your heart They motivate you to get that head start Always there to guide you along Always inspire you to be strong Great fathers live each moment In your happiness and your smile So today on this special day Just want to wish you a while Thanks so much for being there You are and will remain special I love you so much dad Wishing you happy Father’s day! 

Your love is so warm Your love is extra ordinary Your love is so true If I could put in some words Then I would like to tell you That your place in my life is special I have not told you this before Dad let me tell you that your Love means a lot to me It’s all the lessons you taught Which I learn and see Happy Father’s day to you Have a great day dad I wish you all the happiness! 

My dear father My dear father I love you For all the things, you have given me All the lessons of wisdom that I can see I love you when you have the patience To solve each problem of my life When you push me to do good When I struggle and strive Dad I love you a lot And with my positive thought I would like to wish you happy Father’s day Dad I mean when I say You are the world to me! 

You inspire me You have inspired me at each stage of life Holding my hand each day And teaching me things Those are true every way So thank you to you my loving dad As I know that you have that magic To make our lives truly great each day On this father’s day, Just want to wish you happiness And love all along your way Wishing you a happy Fathers day! 

 Father’s Day Quotes For Free

You are so special Fathers are so special Fathers are always so right They fill your world with colors That makes you feel so bright Having a father like you beside I feel so blessed each day Thank you for all the love dad Thanks for being along the way I promise that I will not let you down I promise that I will surely make you proud Happy Father’s day to you I simply love you! 

As perfect as you are As perfect as you can be As perfect as your ways As perfect as I can say That you have had those days Perfection starts with you, Dad Perfection ends on you So I just want to thank you For being so awesome too Dad know that you are the best In whatever you do I just want to be like you I wish that I could too Dad I so love you Happy Father’s day to you! 

I admit that I get I admit that I get scared of you I admit that I also have a fear But I also know that you love me a lot When you call me out ‘oh dear’ Dad it has been an amazing journey I have learned so much from you I do not have many words to express Apart from a loving thank you So thanks a lot my dad For being so perfect in whatever you do I really get inspired by you Happy Father’s day to you! 

Inspirational  Father’s Day Poem 


Like a tree in life Like that strength of the tree On your face, you have that glee You give your all my dad, in life Only for your loving family Can’t thank you enough for being there Can’t thank you enough for that care I know that you are always special I know that you will always be So thank you for your love Thanks for being there My loving father you are and Will always remain special for me Happy Father’s day to you! 

Your wish will be fulfilled Your wishes are just there Your thoughts are just random You sacrifice to see your family Happy all the while Even if you are in pain You make an effort to smile A father whose so special With all the love that you give Just want to thank you for every bit And all the love that you have for me You will remain a special part Always in my heart Wishing you a happy father’s day Have a lovely day! 

You are the super hero You are the super hero of my life You are the hero of my life A friend when I need the most At the party when we raise the toast You save me from mom’s scolding You save me from the secret flings Can’t ask for a better father than you My respect for you is so true I know that you are special I know that you will always be Wishing you a very happy father’s day! You are lovely as can be! 

There is a comfort There is a comfort when I talk to you You have a problem to all my clue You give me strength when I feel so low You bring me back when I am so slow What would life be without your support? I sometimes wonder to myself Thank you father for being who you are In my life, you are my shining star My love for you will never change Let the world change and things go far Happy father’s day to you! With all my love for you! 

Daddy you gave me a reason Daddy you gave me so many reasons To stay so tall in life You were the one who used to run When I was lost in the sight Father you are the reason That I have learned so much from life You taught me the wisdom You gave me the right balance to be Whenever you are not around I miss your love to thee Thank you for a wonderful Life and all the wonder ways Thank you so much my father Happy father’s day! 

Playing with me for hours Playing with me for hours Showing me the real meaning of life Motivating me big time Giving me the lessons of being wise A father is not only a great friend But someone you can choose as a role model A father’s love will not change It remains so true and same Nothing affects the bond that we share Not even the money and fame A father remains special All through your life Help you in your happiness Whether you do strive Happy father’s day to you! 

The meaning of dad The meaning of dad is so very pure The lessons that you have taught The meaning of everything Being strict at times Being lenient at the prime Dad you are the best in everything you do I just want to tell you That you mean a lot and I say it from my heart Happy Father’s day to you! 

With a father like you With a father like you I feel so blessed I feel lucky than all the rest You are a guide and you are my friend, Of all the moments that I spend, There is always something to learn from you Things of past and things anew Dad I just want to confess That you are truly the best! Happy Father’s day to you! 

I know that you know You won’t show but I know That deep down you care for me Things you don’t do, And want me to do, You guide me when there is a problem, You are there in every way, You may not say, but I know That you are there for me And, this is my only plea That I get a dad like you In every birth and through! Happy Father’s day to you! 

My love for you My love for you can’t be expressed I am so very impressed By your ways to see things By your solutions to all the problems, Your approach towards life Your ability to fight and strive Dad I wish I could just be like you, So very perfect and so very true I love you, Happy Father’s day to you! 

You are what you are You are the wisdom of life, You are the strength of the strive, You are calmness of the shade You are spark of the jade You are generous when you need to be You have the knowledge like the sea, You have the power to turn the tide, You are special, you are my pride, I love you so much dad, Happy Father’s day to you! 

The time with you The years that fly with time The ways that are prime I never had the courage to tell you oh dad That I love you the most And I love you forever The little that I learned whatever, Is only because of you, With you I feel so blessed Everything looks new Thanks my dad, You are special to me, Happy Father’s day to you! 

You inspire me You inspire me to work hard You motivate me on my way, I never really confessed it I never really did say, But, I want to tell you this That you mean a lot There are many things without you That are tough to sought, You are the best, Happy Father’s day to you! 

You are always there You are there when I need you You are there when I call Whatever I remember Whenever I recall I find you with me and in my task Of being in the life’s glory and bask I am so lucky that I have you as my dad I swear I am really glad, Thanks my dad for being there, Happy Father’s day to you! 

You are the best I knew that you are there, Backing me from behind, All the things that you did for me Smiling and being all kind Can’t ask for more As dad you are the number one for me, I give you a perfect score Thanks for everything! Happy Father’s day to you! 

Daddy You Are My Best Friend You carried me on your shoulders and showed the the world, To taught me to ride the bicycle as I was your favourite little girl. You showed me how I could make Mathematics my best friend, You joined me when I would bunk class, and never forced me to attend. Life by itself, has been and is always so much fun with you Daddy, It surprisingly never hurts even when you correct my follies. Every moment I spend with you, you teach me something new, You manage to lift up my spirits whenever I’m sad, lonely and blue. Thank you so much Dad. Happy Father’s day to you. 

You Mean So Much To Me How can I ever tell you what how much you mean to me? When you are around the grass always seems to be green. You lighten up my day with your smile that is so bright, Thanks to you we might not even require the stars at night. Cause the stars are right there into your eyes, Mom fell in love with them, is definitely no surprise. You are the most handsome man I have ever met, With a heart just as amazing, Daddy you are so perfect. 

You’ll Be Right Behind Me To Pick Me Up Your sense of humour is devastatingly so funny, Your heart dear Daddy, is tender and sweet like honey. Your warm magical smile is so very divine, In the deep dark night, it still manages to shine. Life by itself has never been perfect, probably never will, But having a Dad like you, I manage to keep myself chill. Because I know that even if I stumble or fall, You’ll be right behind me to pick me up, after all. Happy Father’s Day to the best Daddy in the world! 

I Could Never Thank You You wake me up in the mornings with a smile, You tell me that you love me every once in a while. You spoilt me with gifts much more than I need, You believe in me encourage me all the time to succeed. I could never thank you Dad for everything you are, I will always love you like this, even if you’re far. 

I Miss You Daddy Never has a day gone by when I don’t remember you, Not a moment passed by when, without you I was not blue. I miss the times you would take me on a bicycle ride, I miss the times when it was the two of us against the tide. I miss those days when I was my Daddy’s favourite little girl, I miss those days when you’d never take your fingers off my curls. And Daddy as much as I miss being with you, I know that you are somewhere out there missing me too. All I can say is Happy Father’s day to you wherever you are. 

Your Smile Is So Bright Your smile is so bright, it’s brighter than even the sun, Your optimistic nature is so contagious, I have not seen it in anyone. Your happiness means the world to me Daddy, cause you are so dear Whenever I’m two minds I turn to you, and everything becomes so clear. I thank you so much for loving me so very much every single day, Always be by my side Daddy, never leave, to you I pray. 

You’re The Craziest Person Ever Daddy you’re the craziest ever, words are not enough to say, You amuse us with the raw energy with which you dance and play. We always love to have you around because you are so much fun, Yet you are so mature at giving advices, that it is to you I always run. You’re not just my Daddy, but you’re my best friend ever, No matter where I go, a little part of you will live in me forever. Happy Father’s Day. 

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