135+ Best Love Peom for Girlfriends Fleeing 2021

 Best Peom for Girlfriends Fleeing

You are the one, about whom I care, I like those dimples of the smile that you wear, It’s unbearable when you’re not here, I wear your jacket so I could always be near, With you are gone, All my fears. 

You are the sun shining brightly throughout my day, You are the gravity holding me down in every way, You are the moon shimmering throughout my night, You are the star that glimmers oh so bright! 

I carry you with me, Everywhere I go, And even its, not your physical existence, But still, you stay with me, In my heart, your heart lies, You are my voice, When I don’t have the words, I’ll love you, darling, Till the end of this world 

Whenever I think of you, You fill my heart and mind, I don’t think if I put those, Thoughts outside of them, There will be any space left around, I am lost, In you, The one I love the most. 

Your cute face is what first caught my eye Oh how fragile the walls of my heart became but I tried Tried to keep you out of my thoughts and my dreams But all of those plans shattered the moment you beamed 

What’s a journey filled with sunshine and void of rain But I know there is one simple thing to be certain I know you shall always be there by my side Telling me all that is wrong and the right 

I do not like the uncertainty which the future brings I do not if it holds rainbows and sunshine or a heavy storm Whatever it is I am out here prepared The only certainty I need is that you would be in it too 

Your presence makes me feel so protected When I get scared I remind myself about all of your promises How you hold me in your arms and look me in my eyes and remind me that you are always going to be there for me 

How did you surpass all the security And went through breaking the walls of my heart I was a fortress of isolation without you You taught me how to love and made me feel anew 

No journey is solely filled with sunshine I know one thing to always be certain But you are the only one whom I want Living not just surviving the storm by my side 

When everything is messed up, you calm my life When everything is wrong, you gave me a back When there is no one to care, you take steps for me You are the one, whom I have ever wanted in my life 

Love is blind, love is what it is Love is a risk, love is what it is Love is the bond that tie two people Love grows when the knot gets firm Love is a ceiling, that has no crack Love is that moment, that has no back 

You are my man, Who loves me more than anything, You are my love, Who makes me believe in good, You are the only one, Who believes in me, You are that hope in my life, Which makes me stronger every moment. 

We have survived all tough times together, And have loved all seasons together, You make me feel like a princess, You made me believe in love, You are the reason for my smile, I love you very much. 

You are the reason my heart sings, You are the reason my lips smile, You are the reason my days are bright, You are the only reason that I live my life. 

You shine for me every day, You make me feel better every day, You hold me close every day, You make me laugh even in tough days, You are my star that is so bright, I will love you throughout the cold days. 

I will always lift you, Whenever you’ll feel down, I promise I will pick you up, Whenever you’ll fall, Whenever you fall weak, I will be your voice, I promise to love you forever, And to hold you tight. 

When I look for unconditional support You come to my rescue me in a boat In this ocean filled with danger You rescue me as a power ranger For you, I can go a thousand miles Even with innumerable trials 

In my quest for the perfect partner I happen to meet you at the shop by the corner At your first sight, I lost my senses You’re the guy for whom I would take any chances Be in winters or be it summers I will protect you with all the covers 

My heart lies with you My soul ties with yours You take over my mind Moments spent with you are always at a rewind With you, I feel complete Even in the heavens, we shall meet 

I am filled with hope, That I may dry your tears of. I wait in the crystal moonlight for your secret, so that we may share them as we did 

You glow like the pretty blossoms As they are the purest form of the beautiful spring My bouncing hearts bounce to your amazing voice And just leaps towards the echoing of your voice. 

Your body attracts me, Your touch enhance me, Your words grab me, Your strength supports me, Your closeness fierce me, Your care brightens me, Your love is so kind and deep, That always sustains me. 

When all goes wrong, And life runs out, I think about you, And I survive out, In the middle of chaos, You make me smile, Your soft gentle touch, Make me feel right. 

I never believed in love, I never believed that, Someone could really care, For the other one this much, Someone can live the day, On one hope of seeing that person, I never thoughts that dreams come true, That love at first sight exists, Until the day I found you. 

I like your smile, your body, and your face I just want to end this chase I want you to be my husband, and I want to be your wife I just want to be with you for the rest of my life 

I was the independent, self sufficient type The princess who saved herself by becoming the knight But then you arrived and like my fate took a turn My ally in all of our battles, you are the one 

I promise to always be your strength in life Every time I see you down on your knees Just say we would be together to infinty and beyond Would you be mine if I say pretty please? 

You are my sunshine during a storm The one whom I trust to always keep me warm Your strength and support is all that I need When you are not around my heart somehow bleeds 

Never have I met a person this pure You are my guardian angel I adore How you know the art of smiling during high tides How you have never backed down from a fight 

I like your smile, your body, and your face I just want to end this chase I want you to be my husband, and I want to be your wife I just want to be with you for the rest of my life 

Like the oxygen that keeps us alive or maybe the heart that beats inside You are the blood that flows through me The only guy that I ever wanna see 

You are my sunshine in dark days my one and only You always take me away from lonely We plan our future as if we have a clue I hope you understand that I never want to lose you 

One brick at a time, It took me a lot of time My heart was safe now by all the walls I had built I never could see how you tumbled them down How you now belong in my heart leaves me to astound 

I know I should have been trying for all you could have left me crying I tried to stop it, but all to no avail I just could not help falling in love with you 

Your arms are strong enough to tighten me up, And holds my each and every fear, You love my every scar, And to build me again when, I get scattered into little pieces, You don’t make me feel like a queen, You make me feel different and completes me. 

Your entire being forces me to love you, Your eyes and the way they look at me, Your lips and the way they kiss me, Your hands and the way it holds me, Every single thing about you, It is mine and just belongs to me every time. 

I first saw you, The first glance took me away, Then you smiled at me, And I loved you every day, No mountain or sea could keep us apart, Even if they would, I shall meet you in another world, Where you just belong to me. 

As you are my love, I promise to be your strength, I promise that I’ll never leave you, Whenever you fall weak or get lost, I promise to be your words, When you cannot speak to the world. 

You’re smile tells me every time, Your hands hold me every second, They speak to me that you’re mine, Your smile constantly brightens my day, Whenever you climb my heart’s wall, You always come to my way. 

You just make my heartbeats, In many different delightful ways, I don’t know why I can’t breathe, Whenever you look at my space, You can make my heart smile, Through any kind of hard days, You make me happy that, I can’t feel an ounce of sadness, Only you know how to wash it away, You fill my heart with love, That is totally for you, For whole our lives through. 

. Oh, my love, You are my star, I’ll love you forever with all those scars, I hope that we will never part, You take my heart with love and joy, And knock me off my feet, We have faced all the odds, With those smiles and hugs, I don’t know what I have done, That God gifted me you, And He allowed me to, Meet the perfect person like you. 

It has always been you and me against the world You are my man and I am your girl Both of us have been through a lot But through it, all our love never stopped We held each other down until the end And never let anything rush us to the end 

They ask me, Why did you choose him, I just smiled and walked away, Because I couldn’t answer this question, I just knew that I never need any reason to be happy, When I am with him, My heart is just so filled with the love he gives me, And the way he respects my existence. 

I always run out of words, Whenever I try to describe his beauty, His eyes are so pure to get lost in, His smile is so beautiful that I could dive in, He is so special, So handsome and kind, If I try to put him together in words, Then I can write thousands of love books, That can never be replaced by anyone, His brave soul protects me from evil, There is no end to his beauty, As there are no boundaries to our love. 

The only thing I wanted, From my life, is to be with you forever, You’ve shown the side of the world, That was unknown to me, You’ve touched me in the most delicate way, Without even touching me, You dived deep down into my soul, That I could only feel you, You turn me, a burning forest, Into a quiet running beautiful water, You loved me as no one did, You cared for me as no one did. 

You are more than a good man, A good person with a nice style, A gentleman who respects the olds, A sweet guy who plays with kids, A handsome man who respects the girls, A man who carries light in his smile, Loyalty in his blood, And Love in his thoughts, Who deserves to be with someone, Who searches for a gentle sweet soul. 

You bring shine, When it is vain, You bring a smile, When it is pain, You bring happiness, When life is a strain, I will give you, All the love I have, All the care I preserve, I owe you a life, Full of surprises, purity, And touches of laughter. 

You mean so much to me, that I can’t describe the happiness I get, when you are with me. Your love, your hugs and your company is enough to make me smile for eternity. 

When I first saw you, I didn’t realize that I’d fall so hard, with you and your essence. When I first saw your heart, I didn’t realize that I’d love you with all of my existence. Forever yours. I love you. 

During the darkest nights, and the most brutal fights, you have stuck by me. Your love is a light, that shines bright, and everyday, it guides me. I love you baby. 

Even the most beautiful flower pales in comparison to you, my love. You and I, we’re soulmates, Destined to be together with blessings from above. 

I simply can’t explain I simply cannot explain it to you That you mean the world to me I can’t explain it to you That you stay in my heart No one can replace the feelings I have No one can take your part I am truly in love with you I truly want to be with you Baby just know that its You who’s on my mind every day With you i find my loving way Baby, I am so in love with you Yes, I truly love you Only pure love that is true! 

My friends do get jealous My friends do get jealous of me They have their reasons so true Having a handsome boyfriend like you Will make them envious and through I am so lucky to have you beside So many feelings that I don’t hide I am clear in my mind that it’s pure love A love that makes me realize That yes that is true beyond Things will get a little strong For now, I am enjoying being with you So lovely to have you in my life I love you so much! 

Some say that love makes you Some say that love makes you weak Some say that love is so bleak Some say that love is an emotion untold Some say that love cannot be sold Some say that love changes with time Some say that it does not remain prime I say that love is forever It starts with your name and mine Yes, we will change what people think With the love in the eyes and blink Our bond is strong forever It’s just you and me forever My boy, I love you so much As pure as your touch! 

There is some kind of magic There is some kind of magic that I experience Whenever I talk with you my love I am in some another world When I talk with you I feel so in love The more I am knowing you The more I am well falling for you If I say that it is the first time that I know what love is Then I think it is only because of you Baby don’t change and be the same I smile only because of your name Baby, know that I am in love with you Yes, I truly love you! 

If someone tells me to define If someone tells me to define love I will certainly take your name For me you are love And all the moments that I spent with you Is all love for me It’s not important that you stay with me Or give me your time to thee The time that we spent together Makes me realize that purity If I ever know about love Then it is because of you A love so pure and so true Baby don’t change and know well That it’s only in your thoughts that I dwell and will love you forever Baby you are mine forever I love you a lot! 

Love has no reason in life Love has no reason in life It remains the same in every season It all started with friendship I know Slowly it shifted to love emotional show Then we became so close together, Like the bond that will stay forever I just have something to confess That I don’t need to impress I love you the way you are I love you the way you care My love is not for show Know that it is always there Baby you mean a lot to me I simply want to say that I love you Yeah I do..I love you! 

Baby have I ever told you Baby have I ever told you this That you have a special place in my heart I can’t do with the time I spent without you You only give me a clue That is life worth living without you beside I simply cannot hide things in tide I want to declare this today to you That I am so in love with you I will forever love you is all I want to say So that you also have a quick way To tell me that you also do Baby yes, I truly love you I am so in love with you! 

My life is not the same My life is not the same It is just you and your name It has changed the way I see It is like my destiny Baby I know that it’s true That I live only for you My way and my thoughts all along When you are with me My life is like that wonderful song Baby don’t change is all I want to say You make my life and my each day Beautiful with your presence Baby, I love you so much So pure as your loving touch! 

Can’t think of anything else Can’t think of anything else my love Can’t think of a life without you Tell me why you melt my heart Know that I truly love you There has not been a single day Without which I have survived You have become my destiny my life I can only call you my life Baby don’t change ever and your love Will remain in my life forever Baby all I wish to say today That you are mine all the way I love you so much baby Will love you forever! 

So lucky to have you in life So lucky I am, you are in my life So lucky I feel being with you With you, my world is so different It feels so magical and amazing too So lucky I feel falling in love each day I am so blessed to have this say That baby you truly stay in my heart And now you are an important part This love won’t ever end in life Because I have given my all to you Baby today I want to confess it to you That yeah I truly love you! 

One love is all I can see One love is all I can see One love that change the destiny Your love gave me that reason to be Your love has changed things I know Your love has changed things to show Can’t think of anything expect you Baby I am truly in love with you This love will never ever end I know that you never pretend You also love me so much As pure as your loving touch Baby I so love you! 

Baby you have given me Baby you have given me that dream, That love can also be so true I forget about the time When I am sitting beside you That silent talk which we have Whose glances and enough to say That you make my world so bright You are my only way Thanks for giving me this love I want to stay with you forever I am so lucky to have you my boy I am so lucky to have you in my life! 

I did not know that I didn’t know how to define love Love may not be so perfect for me But I am for sure in love I can read it in your eyes and see You love me and I know that well With you, all my stress does dwell Being with you gives me a sense of staying Being with you, I feel so blessed Love in your eyes that I can see With the same loving zest Baby I don’t want you to change I want that you stay the same I love you so much! 

I love the way you look at me I love the way you look at me I love the way you make me smile I love the way you get dresses for me You fulfill my dreams all the while I love the way you do things So that I stay happy in life Baby no one loves me the way you do No one can ever be like you You are and will remain my boy I am so happy with you..You can see the joy I will love you forever in life That is a promise from your to be wife! 

Life will not change for me Life will not change for me The time will stay as it is I have such a loving boyfriend You are my dream come true You make me smile with your love You express every way and through You have reasons to love me My reason is only you The love that I see in your eyes Makes me naughty and makes me wise My boy don’t ever change Let the love remain this way I will love you forever! 

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