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Raistar Biography

Today we will know about Raistar (Raistar Id)Full Free Fire Jorning, how Raistar became so popular today, YouTube has become a star, today Raistar today his popularity is increasing day by day, what is the reason behind this, we will first know about you Let me tell you, you will get all the information related to Free Fire here for you, if you want to win the diamond for free then you can go by clicking on the link given below.

Why Raistar is so famous?

Tester is famous for Gyan Gaming when he was lighting free fire when Gyan Gaming started, he used to accept the writer’s request i.e. a Gyan Gaming with all the band’s games he played with him They used to send request daily and Can Bay had rejected the request but when they were playing with the register, the knowledge goes down during the gaming game and the register is alive when Raistar together completed the bike and Gyan Bhai had only three kills in that game and Raistar had 13 kills.

It has always been happening that the I star was always very good in the game from the start, so Tester’s kin were always more than knowledge. And those people started playing live streaming daily and got the property team in it, everybody started going to Tysta after that.

Popularity started becoming more than the skills were very good in the game with Raistar starting and when Gyan Bhai used to live stream, Raistar got a very good name.

Raistar started his own YouTube channel and he started posting only a headshot clip, then within 7 to 8 months he crossed almost 1 million subscribers so much power in his success and the faster he became in Viral YouTube But I can tell you, on YouTube channel, the total video on his channel is 20 – 25, in which the band crossed 1 million Subscribes. This Time Raistar current YouTube 3.33 Million Subscribe .

Raistar’s popularity was increasing very much and when he started hitting One Tab no one in India used to hit OneTab, Raistar first started OneTab, after that his popularity seemed to be very high, after that some players gave him hacker Had also said and his video Headshot Borhat was getting viral

When after getting so much popularity, when players started trying to spoil his name and started saying Raistar Tu Hack uses him, after that Gyan Gaming comes to him, he used to say which Raistar had already played very well, so today and then other Very big YouTubers come in and support Raistar

Here, let me tell you that you will get a lot of fake ideas named Raistar, this fake idea will also be in your friend list because many fake ideas are being used in the game. You can always identify the real ID in the game. You can see their uid

Raistar ID Stat

Free Fire Raistar Id Stat

Raistar Solo Stat (Lifetime)

Top 10 Rate38.26%
Avg Survival Time“7”8″
Most Kill In Match24
Avg Damage Per Match1096
Headshot 4660
Headshot Rate43.42%
Raistar Id solo Stt

Raistar Duo Stat

Top 5 Rate 32.48%
Avg survival Time“8”38″
Most Kill In Match24
Avg Damage Per Match 1093
Headshot 5224
Headshot Rate36.46%
Revive 1180
Raistar Id Duo Stat

Raistar Quad Stat

Top 3 Rate26.76
Avg Survival Time“7”32″
Most Kill In Match30
Avg Damage Per Match 1318
Headshot 24298
Headshot Rate47.01%
Raistar Id Quad stat

Gyan Gaming Guild Id

Gyan Gaming Guild Id

Today, 28 February Raistar Change Free Fire Game Name. Raistar New Game Is A Bye Be See The Photo

Raistar New Name in Game 28 February 2021

Raistar New Name 2021

Raistar Best One Tab Video

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