Comparison All Shotgun In Free Fire 2021

Shotgun In Free Fire

Today I will talk about the Shotgun of Free Fire, how much of the shotgun is there in Free Fire, how you will be able to use it, what is the range of the magazine, you will know everything in this article.

4 Shotgun is available in Free Fire 2021

  • 1.M1014
  • 2.Spas12
  • 3.M1887
  • 4.Mag 7

[ 1 ] Free Fire M1014

Damage 94
Rate Of Fire 39
Reload Speed 20
Moments Speed60
Magazine 6
Accuracy 10
Attachment Stok
Armor Penetration 0

[ 2 ] Free Fire SPAS12

Damage 97
Rate Of Fire 42
Reload Speed34
Moments Speed 60
Magazine 5
Accuracy 10
Attachment Magazine
Armor Penetration 0

[ 3 ] Free Fire M1887

Damage 100
Rate Of Fire 42
Reload speed 55
Moments speed62
Magazine 2
Accuracy 10
Armor Penetration 54

[ 4 ] Free Fire Mag-7

Damage 89
Rate Of Fire 53
Reload Speed 55
Moments Speed62
Magazine 8
Accuracy 10
Attachment For Grip,Stok
Armor Penetration 0

Here I will compare these four short guns in free fire and I will tell about the best gun skin here, this comparison is without gun skin.

First of all, I will adjust you what you can take, this is Gun m1887 because we get more damage in it, so it is at number one in my list.

Our Gun comes on the second number is his name is Mag 7 so in this you get the range and the rate of fire that we get is also the most, in this gun, the shot gun which is in free fire is the most out of all shortcuts. We get to see rate of fire in maG 7 and it also has a magazine plus, you get about 8 magazines and we also get a range of 50 meters.

We come in third place is our shop, in m1014 we get more damage and the other good thing seems to be and we get a magazine like spas12 in comparison

Last Gun is because we get less Damage and it is less a magazine in the comparison of m1014 even then this gun is very good in the short range because it has a range plus it has a range of around 16.

And here I want to tell you about the best Jogan skin of this gun, here too, I will tell you some changes in the ranking of this Ganj. Let’s see what changes

Comparison Free Fire Shotgun Skin 2021

1.The first thing that comes to our skin is One Punch’s m187 gun scheme. You get double reload speed and single damage here and Accuracy – so this gun is on our number one because it gets double rate of fire. And after becoming single, it becomes very dangerous

2 . So Gun Thet comes in second place is fifry m1041 shotgun scheme, in this we get double damage and a single magazine, with it it becomes very dangerous.

3.The gun that comes at number three is gun max7 because max7 is a new one, so we get to see the same Gun Skin in it. In the Free Fire game, the same Gun Skin is available, in this we get the range and reload speed plus and in this Gun Accuracy – is. But we get more range in it

4.Our gun which comes in the fourth number is spas12, in this we get off of fire and reload speed plus and the range we get minus this is the name of the gun spas12 Uarbun ragar this gun you will have many shotgun. You must have got it in the event, so you must have it

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