Free Fire All Vehicles Name with images 2021

 Free fire All Vehicles Name

1.PICKUP Truck 

2. Jeep

3. Tu Tu car

4. Amphibian Car

5. Monster truck

6. Moto bick

7. Sports car

  • Pickup Truck

  • Sports Car

  • Amphibian Car

  • Monster Truck 

  • Moto Bick

  • Jeep

  • Tu Tu Car

Pickup Truck:

Top speed of pickup truck in free fire is 130. Two cars can sit together in this car.



Free fire All Vehicles Name
Free fire All Vehicles Name


Sports Car

Sports Car is the fastest running car in Free Fire and it can seat two people simultaneously. Its top speed is 140.


Free fire Sports Car


Amphibian Car

In this car you can sit two people simultaneously and this is Karthik top speed 120 The best part of this car is that it can walk comfortably on both the road and water, it is very easy to drive in water.


Monster truck

The monster truck you get in the Airdrop itself is a special thing about the monster truck or in that you can carry four brothers together at a speed of 110.


Moto Bick

In a moto bike, you can take two stops simultaneously, this bike is this top speed 125



Free Fire is the lowest speed car and in this you can carry this car with four bands at a time. Its top speed is 100


Tu Tu Car

The thing about this car is that it can carry three brothers simultaneously and has a top speed of 105




Pro top for players

We want to give you a pro tip, if you play free fire, then you will know when you have to use tomorrow also, but here there are some carts in the free fire in which you will sit whenever any other guy shoots you. If you can kill it very easily then I will tell you which car you can use Let me tell you, you have to use the fastest car, example sports car, pickup truck, amphibian car, monster truck. This vehicle has to be used, in all these vehicles you will get very low enemy damage. Moto Bick, Jeep And Tu Tu car You will get a lot of damage and you will die in a few seconds. You can use this brass to catch a thief in Emergency but you have to use it sparingly. I want to tell you that even when an update comes in the free fire, there is a difference in the seat and speed of the car, if you will see much less speed in it.

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