Powerful Free Fire AWM Gun Full History 2021

Awm Gun: Today you will get AWM complete information.  Today I will be with you in PUBG’s real Awm Gun key.  Awm is considered Deadly Gun in Pubg Game.

Free fire awm Gun


AWM’s full name is ARCTIC WARFARE MAGNUM. This makes the Gun the British Company Accuracy International.  One thing is making Awm special.  That’s Hey Gun’s De IcIng -4.  Sentiment shoots down enemies.  Accuracy International was the 1980 Pehla Gun Modual Accuracy International Arctic Warfare.  And it was brought to the British Navy in 1882. After this, Accuracy International started coming different Modal.

 That month [1] Awp (Arctic Warfare Police),

 [2] Aws (Arctic Warfare suppressed), [3] Awc (Arctic Warfare covert) were Modal Lunch.  In 1996 Awm Gun (Arctic Warfare MAGNUM) came. Or you see PuBg Or Free fire of this gun.  Awm is called Bolt action spiner rifle When speaking the common language, a bullet is fired to fire once.  This is the Megin of 5 tablets.  Side Gun Weight 6.5 Kg O Side Weight Megin Add No.  With Megin it occurs at 8 – 9 Kg.  On the other hand, Refil would weigh up to 12 – 14 KG, due to which the car is considered to be low due to the decrease in Awm weight.  Talking about this gun length is 120 Cm.  The barral size of this Awm Gun is 66 Cm.

 This type of Gun 2 type is used.  The first bullet is named .300 Wenchester Magnum or 300 wenchester magnum is 7.62 mm.  The pill weighs 12 Gm.  And the name of the second bullet is .338 lapua magnim.  Is 8.6 mm.  Which weighs from 16 – 17 gm.  The .338 Lapua magnim tablet Range is 1100 M.  The range of .300 wenchester magnum ranges from 1500 – 2475 M.

 Awm Maximum Range is between 3000 – 4000.  Speed ​​to fire Awm tablet is 1000 s / p.  Awm’s price ranges between 8000 $ – 8500 $.  If INR Convat is 6 lakh 40 thousand.

 Awm British.  Usa, South Korea, Pakistan, Russia, portugal, poland, norway, Netherlands, Malaysia, Italy, lreland, Indonesia, Germany, Egypt, Bangladesh, Armenia, all countries use Awm.  India and China do not use Awm because Kyuvka uses the China Qbu-88 spiner. India Scorpio TSt and Barrett m95 both use Sinper.

 Use Pakistan Navy AwM Gun Ismail most.  And there is no Awm Gun Jeshi Advanced Spiner across us.  Our old modal spiner is beyond us.  Many soldiers of India Navy lose their lives on bodr for this reason.  Awm’s range is 15 times that of our spiner.

 PUBG GAME of AWM GUN is very USE.  Awm gets shot Knock on Awm 1 Shot.  And Awm level 3 helmet gives 80% -100% up Demand.  And we go to kill miles.  Awm is the most damage in Pubg.  The specialty of this gun is that the gun would be Recoil Ni.  Gun Accuracy of this is 100%.  PuBg Or Free fire will also provide high damage.

If you are playing PUBG then you do not know where you will find AWM, then I want to tell you that AWM gun is available only in a drop.

 And let me tell you, if you are playing free fire, you will get free fire easily in both the bounty and in the airdrop.

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