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Free Fire which Free Fire whic Country App App

What is Free Fire BackStory

The backstory is that there is a group called ff that contains a lot of scientists and brainwashes the people who are in this game, and this people and 50 people erase their memory and they are given through scientific modification.

They make some changes and leave them on an island named Bermuda, where they are given a cervical test until the scientist discovers which skill everyone is using until the end and the anime How to tackle and perform very well in the upcoming game, the upcoming New match could be able to post well.

What used to happen earlier was that all the online games were made on Pc and there was no mobile game that could play in mobile but Free Fire was the first game that was made for mobile and run on mobile.

Who is First Mobail Battle Royal Game?

And yes I do not know you online battle royal game what it is, so I want to tell you that this game is a multiplayer game, in this you can play 50 players simultaneously with one, it means multi player battle royal game. The first Battle Royal games used to be for the Dextop platform but Free Fire was launched on a mobile platform and the biggest and first step was that it was a survival Battle royal game launched on Mobail and the game came before PUBG.

This is why Free Firemen will be very happy to hear that this was the first game of Battle Royal game. In this game you will have to play till the last game and whoever is left in the last Player game will win this game. This game is special. This game is Battle Royal The game says

What is meaning Battle Royal Game?

If you do not know what Battle Royal means, then let me tell you where the name of Battle Royal came from, the name of the Battle Royal has come from the Japanese movie, before I wrote a book on the Japanese movie, from where the name of Battle Royal came from it The book was Knowledge

Free Fire Which Country App?

Garena Founder Foreest xiaodong Li He thought that every player battle Royal game is available on desktop and there was no game available for mobile, then he hired a company to 111 Dot Studio (Singapore)and asked him to make a game that After playing on mobile, the company created an online video game after 7 months, named it Free Fire

Is Free Fire launching date?

the first beta version of Free Fire was released on 7 November 2017 and Free Fire was launched on 4 December 2017. Garena Free Fire Singapore Base Company.

Pabg game was launched 2 months after the launch of Free Fire, and Pabg Game was promoted by a company to Globally a lot, so Pabg would be a very popular game before Free Fire and even Free Fire could not survive it.

Till the company was not promoting the free fire game, later the company came to know that if the user does not get the promotion without promotion, then they also started promoting the free fire and today there is about 500 million downloads of free fire in the Play Store and Pubg has 100 million downloads and speaking of active users, Free Fire has about 80 million active users and Pubg has 50 million active users.

Why is Free Fire players Increase In Play Store?

When Indian government banned 40 plus Chinese app, then Pabg was also named in that list, so Pabg was banned from India and was running in Free Fire India. At that time, the downloads of free fire were becoming very high, even today the downloads of free fire are increasing very fast.

Free Fire And Pubg Mobail Rem Comparison?

One good thing about the free fire game is that this game runs even within 1GB of RAM, and let’s talk about Pubg then Pubg should have minimum 2GB of RAM and after 2 rounds of playing Pubg after two games, Pebg can be very Heng.

Seems to be because his game size is very high, it appears on Mobail in Pubg Game and talking about free fire to Pubg, there is almost 2GB game and free fire is 500-600 Mb game, 3 times less space game than Pubg. Free fire game so in the game you do not get to see any leag while in Pabg there is a lot of use of Rem, for this you can see Laug of heating in Pubg.

Free Fire And Pubg Graphics Comparison?

If you do Game Graphics Comparison of Free Fire and Pubg, then Graphics of Pubg is better than Free Fire, but on the Improvement of Free Fire game, we are now preparing for the launch of Free Fire Max, which will make the graphic of Free Fire more advanced. Property of free fire will increase even more

Which Country Organize Free Fire World Series 2019?

The first World Series of Free Fire was played at the Berra Olympic Stadium in Brazil 2019 and has not been closed yet due to Corona in 2020 and the match will be played again in around 2021.

Who Is win Free Fire World series 2019 Team?

Youtube Online Livestream was timed in the 2019 World Series and during this Live had 2 million live watching touch and it became Esprot’s highest live watching game on YouTube, which was the winning team in the whole world. Thi was the Corinthians of Brazil

Top Five Countries of Free Fire Game

  • Free Fire Indonesia
  • Free fire brazil
  • Free fire vietnam
  • Free fire india
  • Free Fire Bangladesh

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