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 How Beautiful You Are Peoms


I love you for who you are you are always on my head, near or far, in your presence, my heart starts to race you are my support system with you every trouble, I am ready to face. 

A million stars up in the sky, You shine brightest and I can’t deny, A love so precious, a love so true, A love that comes from me to you. You make my life complete In heaven too, we shall meet 

When I say I love you, It is because I love you more, Then the bad things ahead of us, I love you more than, The hate in this whole world, The problems we are going to face, I don’t mean that I love you more than yourself, But I love you more than, The distance between our sights. 

When we are in love, Our heart needs no boundaries, Our soul connects without measuring the distance, And Our love transcends time and space, I love you, honey, From all my heart and soul. 

Never forget what you’re for me It will always be you before me I love you like nobody ever can Let’s have our moments while we can 

Like a ray of sun lightening up my gloom Wish I could tell you how much I adore you From the first time, I saw you my heart was meant for doom Wish I could tell you how much I love you 

I love your eyes, your hair, and your beautiful face, I want all of you every day of my life, And your laugh, your smile, and your giggly voice, No words could ever explain how much I love you, my dear wife 

Out of all the reasons why I love you But here I go mentioning an important one I love how your words always come out plainly And the way you care about all of your loved ones 

Dying for someone seems easy but I can even live for you How much more could I ever love you? You are the source of all of my joy I often wonder why you love me too 

You are like a firefly lightening up my gloom It is time to tell you how much I love you A golden ray of sunshine in my haunting dark room It is time to tell you how much I love you 

To the love that I have wanted, You gave me that I have needed You light my life, set me on fire You make my day, you let me live From Dawn till dusk, you will be mine Ever and forever, I will love you like mine 

Forever in my heart, is the place where you will be Nobody can never enter because you have the key Figure out the way, wherever you can be Because my hear will always say “I LOVE YOU” 

Be the one who shines bright Be the one who loves me the most To all the love birds out there I pray you get the chance to say: I LOVE YOU! 

Be the one who will be mine I will be the one will be your love Because I love you And you love me Be the one who will be mine I will be the one will be your love Because I love you And you love me 

From the moon that shines From the stars that sparkle Let me be the sunshine of your life Because I love you my darling From the moon that shines From the stars that sparkle Let me be the sunshine of your life Because I love you my darling 

You came into my life like a rose, And filled my life with love, I never thought about living like this, Where I think about you living by, You help me in hiding all my scars, And gave your shoulder to cry, Now I can’t imagine my life without you, I just want us to spend every night with joy. 

Your cuteness is boundless, Your beauty is endless, I wish you become the only one, In this world who is limitless, I want to give you my whole life, And all the happiness of this world, You are my world and I wonder how you’re mine, I just want to love you for my whole life. 

Be by my side Let it be rain or a storm Together we shall ride I will be here to keep you warm This means darling you’re never alone My love for you will never be blown 

. Loving you has not been easy It has turned me into what I have never been before I had always been busy But after I met you, you’ve made me into a lion that roars. Which means I shall love you more and more. 

I have always loved you More than you ever knew Every time you texted My heartbeat became unrested And every inch you came closer It was you taking my heart over. 

Like spring orchids starts blooming, our love is beautiful, just like the petals When Autumn arrives, our love is like a golden ray, just like the shining sun From Valentine’s Day till Christmas our love will continue to grow. From season to season I love you always! My one, my only, my darling. 

“In summertime, our love is sweet, like rose floating in the breeze. In wintertime, our love is warm — it tingles from eyes to toes. If it is morning, our love id beautiful – just like the beautiful sun If it is sunset, our love is precious – just like the calm winds 

“It started as a feeling, Then turned into the choice, And now when your mine, I choose you every day, You didn’t meet me, Because it was meant to, You’ve always lived in me, From the very beginning. 

“I don’t write about love, Because I’ve seen it, I write about it because, Your thoughts force me to, Your thoughts make me forget myself, And to think about you, My love for you is growing day by day, Minute by minute second by second, I don’t know how to control it, But I know how to grow it 

“Tell me something, More intense than, My love for you, My care for you, Those thoughts, When I look at you, Something softer than, My hands when they hold you, Oh, my sweetheart, I love you. 

The feelings I have for you shall never fade The world is not enough to make me faze There has never been a day when you are not on my mind We shall be the two about whom love stories are made 

For years I had been looking out All alone I wandered and helpless I shout Alas I saw saw a light and there you were You were the one for me, my heart concurred 

There has never come a day you are not on my mind A girl like you took me years to find A beautiful queen with a heart of gold I am so fortunate to have you to hold 

If being in love with you is called mistake It is a risk that I shall always blindly take Falling for you was my favorite decline And I would not mind doing it a thousand times 

Whenever I see your green eyes gleam I just feel like I am in a sweet dream Where there is no one but me and you Where the air of love is always true 

Maybe an Island for the one stranded at sea You have no idea how much you mean to me I wish we had never come apart You don’t know how much I love you sweetheart 

Life surely has been a hell of a ride But you never once left my side There are not enough words to tell you How much each day of my life I have loved you 

If every word I speak you’d know to be true I’d tell you in thousand ways how much I love you How you brighten all of my days when you smile it lights up my face 

A life which seemed to be all black and white now is full of reds, greens, yellows, and blues you make me such a happy man I am truly in love with you 

My heart fluttered when I saw you walk in Oh never had I seen eyes so blue You are my life, my future, my wife I can not tell how much I love you 

“My love for you is never-ending, So powerful and deep that it must be, No matter how many problems we face, My love will always remain the same for you, My love is so pure for you, And I will always love you.

Anything I do, Everything I say, You never stop loving me, In any single way, From those kisses to touch, From your hand to mine, I guess I am in love, And I can only tell that by time. 

I so love you, And that is too deep, I love the sound of your voice, I love the way our fingers crossed, Our love has remained the same Just as from the start, And I will love you forever, With all of my heart. 

“You brought sunshine to me, You brought a smile to my face, Whenever I look at you, I only see a beautiful face, That is mine and mine’s forever, I cannot imagine a day without you, CauseI only feel pain, When I can’t see you. 

I’m bonded with you, In an emotional bliss, That united body we share, Those beautiful dreams we gather, I am open to you, With my total lust and trust, I’m with you, No matter what, You are my everything, And I love you, Love. 

You were always there by my side, Holding me close and keeping it tight, All my fears were faded and doubts subside, You are my strength that keeps me alive You are my moon and I am your tide, We will be together forever and will shine bright. 

Well, I don’t care what people say, I want to spend with you my whole day, I cannot get enough of seeing you, And I am not sure that what this feeling is about? I want to be with you every moment, I am so weak to stop my feelings, That is now so drowned for you, Please help me with this curious thing, Am I now again falling for you? 

How your eyes sparkle and the warmth of your skin And your breath on my neck, it just shakes me within The beauty of your kiss and the magic of your touch All of these reasons and a thousand more Is why I love you so much 

We both look at each other, In the same loving way, I just adore the way you smile, I love the way you hug me, We both search for each other, When we are not together, We both respect each other opinion, You never forced me for anything, And that is something that, Makes me respect you more, I love you, my sweet gentleman. 

I never believed in love, But then I met you, and suddenly everything just changed, You made me realize this world is a beautiful place, You helped me forget my brutal past, And made me think of a new beginning, You are the reason for my happiness, You are the reason for my life, You are someone that means everything to me, You are the only person that I love. 

I have always gained in love because of you, I want to be with you now and forever, If I know what love is, then This is just because of you, I love you so much that, I couldn’t find words yet to say that you, You’re that sweet dream of mine, Which I see every time I close my eyes, I loved many times, But the constant was always you, I love you, sweetheart, In the way that anyone can never do. 

Your love has been a shining light, In all of those darkest nights, You always stood by my side, In all of my hardest times, And you said You’ll always be, I love your eyes, Who holds the zealous fire, I love your lips, Who holds the prettiest kiss, I love the way you talk to me, We have the sweetest memories, We have sung the nicest songs, And you said you’ll never leave, That’s the only thing I rely on. 

Your presence illuminates every inch of my being, It gives me the confidence and the strength that I’m feeling. My dear, you are something magical, Even after so long, I still think that I’m dreaming… I love you. 

Being with you gave me happiness that I can’t explain, When I’m with you I forget all of my pain. If I had a wish, I’d wish for us to be together again. I love you. 

There are too many things that I love about you, Your wit, your looks, and your humor. If I could I’d go back in time and meet you sooner. I love you baby. 

I’ll never understand why you chose to love me, But I’m forever grateful to know that you did. You are my love and you are my heart, We’ll be together forever and never apart. I love you. 

I can shout and tell you I can shout and tell the world That I have found my soul mate in you I can tell everyone I meet That there is no one like you You made a difference in my life You made a difference in being me Baby just want to tell you That you are as amazing as can be Never really thought that My life could be blissful this way Because of you I feel so wonderful each day I am in love with you I simply love you! 

The love that I can see The language of love and you There is some connection to hue I have had so many questions You are the answer to all of them I spend the best time with you Because you always understand Baby know that when I am with you I just know that i am in love with you This love will never fade away This love will forever and ever stay I have never really loved anyone this way Like I love you all the way You are special and you will remain special; To me every way, I am so in love with you! 

I know that its love when you are I know that its love when you are in my life I know that its love when I see you When I talk my heart to you When we hold our hands When we make plans for future When you always understand We know that we are there in time And know that you are mine I know its love when you have Given a promise to stay with me Just want to tell you baby That I can’t stay without you I am so in love with you I love you! 

Sometimes its difficult to say Sometimes it gets difficult to say three words You know that someone means a lot But, still you can’t really go to that person And tell that person they mean so much Today I just want to confess to you That you are my first and last love I swear I never really loved anyone The way I love you my dear You stay in my heart forever You have a special place in my life Would you be all mine forever Would you be my wife? Because I love you so much! 

I love the way you are I love the way you are with me I love the way I can see things I love the way you look at me I love the way you are there I love the way you always care I love the way you love me That love which only I can see So lucky to have you in my life So lucky to call you mine Baby I am in love with you Pure love that is my destiny Baby I am in love with you! 

I really do not know how it happened I really do not know how it happened But now you are one of the most Important person of my life I came close to you slowly Slowly you took my heart away with you Can’t imagine a day without talking Can’t imagine my day without you Looks like you have a special part That is the reason you have taken my heart Baby I am so in love with you Love that will stay in through I have a pure feeling for you I simply love you! 

Things may not change Things may not change a while Things may remain the same It’s you who will forever And ever be in this game Yes I am all to play this game Of love which has two players That is you and me I am willing to lose my heart For it is meant in my destiny Baby I am in love with you I know that it will stay forever It will stay in true, Baby I think I love you more Each day and night with might Your love makes my world bright I love you so much! 

Its amazing how you are It’s amazing how each day We discover so many things Its amazing how each day I fall in love with you It’s amazing how each day I get to know new things about you It’s amazing how each day I get to love you more I believe that my love is Blissful because of you Baby I know well all about you When you and I will be one Baby I am so in love with you I truly love you! 

You have become a part of my life You have become a part of my existence You have become a part of me You have become my destiny Baby I just want you to see Look in my eyes and you will now I may not have gestures to show Look and you will feel so much As passionate as that loving touch You and I were meant to be So together in life You and I are forever That is what is destined Baby I am in love with you A love that will hold on and true! 

Love the way you are my love The day I first met you Is the day when I wanted to be with you Baby you have changed my life You have changed the way I see things I need to tell you this That when you are not around You are always missed Sometimes I may simply confess Simply I would tell you That you stay in my heart You are the world to me Baby I am in love with you World you know it pretty Will forever love you from my heart As you are my part I am in love with you! 

My pulse sets racing My pulse sets racing as a part My heart also beats so fast When you touch me oh my dear There is a feeling that I feel All seems to be so good Every time when I wish to see A love that is a part of me Love that is a part of my destiny I will love you till the end of time I will love you so much my dear A love that will give in to time A love that will not change at all I love you so much! So pure as your passion, as your touch! 

Love is that part which plays Love is an emotion that plays a part It makes you something else Since the time I saw you I have not been in rest I think about you the whole day I think about the way you are It is the magic of love I guess That I sit and watch the shining star Thinking about the love in the heart Thinking about a part You will always be there for me As a part of my destiny I love you so much pretty I mean when I say its love to see I love you baby! 

You touch my life in many ways You touch my life in many ways I count on you for each day You make me feel so different You make me feel so nice In your company, I feel so happy There is a feeling of being wise Never felt this way before Never felt this way for anyone Your love is the reason for my smile Your love gives me peace all the while My love story will be complete with you You are my existence, you are my clue Let me start by saying this Baby I am in love with you! 

Baby the love that I see in your eyes Baby the love that I see in your heart Matches the love that I have for you We are so in love with each other That nothing seems to matter in few There is a connect that I feel There is something in the reel I cannot really stay without you Know that it is all so blue When you are not with me When you are not there besides me Baby my love for you will never change I promise this to you forever My love will stay as it is You will never see it endeavor A love that is from my heart Know that you are a part of Me and my life I love you so much! 

Loving is the name of life Loving is life and life is love There is a feeling that is unmatched You feel that passion with touch You feel when you miss so much Love is such a wonderful feeling Love is a sweet thing to say There is a deep connection of the heart When you know there is a magic in way Love is a sweet emotion I feel When I am with you my baby I know that this love will stay I know we shall stay this way Together and every day I am so in love with you I feel that connection with you Baby I love you! 

My feelings for you are My feelings for you are in my heart You know you play that part I cannot stay a single day without you With you, I feel that magic in hue With you I feel that I am so me There is nothing else left to see I want to stay in your arms forever I want to be with you forever I want to talk to you all day You know I want be able to say That passion and that love Gives me a reason to live Baby I am in love with you A love that is so true! 

Your eyes when speak to me Your eyes speak to me Your lips have a story to tell You make my heat skip a beat You make me feel shiver with your touch That passion which I can see in you There is a thing that I feel for you Love is a core that is within me Love is a feeling that is left to see Love is a name I want to know The name that is written in my heart, Your love does play a part In my life forever My baby I love you so much! So in love with your touch Our love will stay this way forever! 

Love is an emotion untold Love is an emotion that is felt Things just go with the flow Someone has such an important role to play That you just cannot accept or stay Without that beloved in your life The person becomes your heart The person becomes your smile Love just plays a part It is all in the heart When I know that I love you so much I know that I long for your touch Things just rattle in there The mind gets through and bare Love is a feeling that I have for you My baby I love you! 

A part of me will stay with you A part of me will stay with you A part of me will stay in few Of feelings that are in my heart To being the most important part Your love mesmerizes me You play an important part to thee When you smile and look in my eyes I get those flash in vibes Of love that I can see in you Of love that I can feel with you My baby you know that I love you I know that it is for you I know that it is so true Baby I am in love with you! 

You are my only reason in life Love does not need a reason It is the thread that binds through Love makes you feel so awesome When everything seems so new Love brings a shine on my face Whenever I think about you It gives me a solace in this stress It is like my only cure in distress Your love is a need that I want Your love is the only passion Which I want to flaunt Your love is the essence of my being Till every which way I am seeing I love you a lot! You are mine in every thought! 

Once Upon A Time We Were Strangers Once upon a time we were strangers, Before you took my hand. We fell in love with each other, And together now we stand. With each and every passing day, I feel more love for you in every way. Our souls have surely become one, Your love is the trophy I have won. How fortunate are we, I can’t even imagine, Once upon a time we were strangers, That is before you took my hand. 

I Love The Way I love the way you make me feel, I love the way with me you deal. I love the way you look at me, I love the way the way you think and see. I love the way you make me so very glad, I love the way you cheer me up when I am sad. I love the way you shower me with love and care, I love the way for me that you are always there. I love you a lot. 

When I say that When I say that I love you I also mean that It was there from the start Now, when you are apart I can’t stay without you Without you I feel so blue Just want to tell you That I love you! 

Your magic on me Your magical eyes, Your lips so tender, I love your charm I would love to surrender Your heart as pure as you With you it feels so new Baby I truly love you Yes I do! 

One love is you One love I have and one life  I have given you my heart Now, without you I shall not survive Because I need you my love And, I desire you for life Please stay this way Just want to say That I love you! 

It is something magical Love is something magical You want that company every time For you that person becomes so prime You smile without reason You are happy in very season That is the sign of love I love you! 

If it’s a state If love is a state, Then I am in love with you If it’s an emotion, Then I feel for you, If it’s a feeling, I have that for you In short, I truly love you Will love you! 

My love for you My love for you is like a pure bliss It feels like heaven with one kiss I feel so good in your arms Want to stay there for long, Not bothered about the word around The passion of your love that surrounds I so love you! 

You stay in heart You stay in my heart, And you know that it’s the purest place, I love you for not your looks But your eternal charming grace, Because I simply love you Yes, and I really do! Do you also love me? 

You love once You only live once is true, But, you also love once, In my case, you are my first love And hopefully the last, You and me make a perfect cast Of our movie of life! Baby I so love you! 

There was no reason There was no reason, There was no choice, It was destiny for sure There is an connect When you and I met, There is a feeling so sweet Yes its love, I love you to thee! 

You are so good You are so pretty in and out, Your heart is also very pure I lost my heart to you Is this love, if yes then its true? I think it will survive with time Please can I call you mine? Because I love you! 

Being in love Being in love feels so good, Being in love feels so warm, I feel like me when with you, To me you truly belong, Love is a feeling that makes my heart, Love is a feeling so strong, I love you with my passion and my soul, You have the most important role In life, I love you very much! 

In your heart That tender kiss on my lips, That slight holding of hands, The passionate look that you give, It makes me understand, The feeling of desire in your heart, Even I feel the same, And, I just want to admit and claim, That you belong to me, It feels like ecstasy, I love you! 

You are my life You are my life, You are my world, Without you I lose my say, In every which way, With you, I feel so nice, With you, I feel so wise, We are perfect for each other, Coz we are there for one another, I love you a lot, You are in my every thought! 

Your love is true The yearn and that desire, When I am with you I feel so lost, When I am with you, I forget everything, My heart just wants to sing, That special song for you, Without you I feel so blue, My dear I just want to tell you, That I truly truly love you, I mean it, I do! 

Each passing day Each passing day and night, Each warm and pleasant sight, Do you know what you mean to me, With you I feel all the glee, The magic of your love is such, That I feel in your every touch, Baby I love you so much, Till the end of time, And, I feel so good that you are all mine, I love you! 

Like the sunshine Like the sunshine you bring brightness into my life, Like the rainbow you add color to me and make me smile. Like the spring you made me happy and glad, Like the moonlight you guide me when I am sad. 

You have made be happier You have made be happier than I thought I could ever be, You have made me smile even in my dreams. You are the one I have been waiting for forever, I always want us to be together! 

My Neverfailing Love Walking with a sunken pain, I limp every next, for pride. No faith, no belief, not even greed, in my losing stride. Wasted for good, wasted by glory, I seek an emotion. Slapped by fate, robbed by time sensing a premonition. Well, the times shall change, the times shall sail. But the love, for a soul that blessed my world, shall never ever fail. I Love you, My love! 

You Heal My Wounds Every time am hurt, You help me heal. I wish to tell you now Of how, my core feels. A hope, a faith, You are all I crave. You are calm and clear Soft and tender, yet brave. I see, live, and taste dreams With you around. When my soul is not with yours I feel, am going down. May we always stay in love. 

You Amplify My Joys No tune is merrier than your words, For you sing the sweetest. No heart is closer than yours, You touch me the deepest. Pushing away the sorry times, You carry me to the blessed lanes. Juggling and jumbling the world around, You amplify my joys, downgrade the pains. I shall always love you, Sweetheart. 

You Have No Clue, How Much I Love You To the rest of the world you must be just another man, But to me you’re the one who makes me smile, ‘coz only you can. You give me friendship, you give me support, you give me confidence, Meeting you in life, was definitely no coincidence. You are the one who is made for me on earth, And I was made for you, right from birth. I can imagine myself with no other but you, I love you so much so much & you actually have no clue. 

I Will Love You Forever You worked your charm the first time we met, Your face is something I could never forget. I’m so glad that you finally love me too, Without you I would find myself so blue. I love you my dearest and I always will, My babe you are the very reason I live. You give me comfort, you give me love, Your heart is so pure, so pure like a dove. 

You are my everything Baby you form my whole world, you are my night and my day, No matter how my day goes you always manage to brighten up my way. You make me so happy and so joyful, just with your presence, You make me fall in love with you everyday with your fragrance. I want to live with you like this forever and ever my love, Cause you are just like this beautiful angel from heaven above. I’ve made a silent promise to myself to love you like this forever, I will make it a point to see to it that we are always like this together. 

I Love You I love you when you smile at me, I love it when you frown, I love you when you say the sweetest things, that makes my heart go up and down. I love you when you make me angry, I love you the way to come to say sorry. I love you the way you make those stupid faces that makes me laugh away to glory. I love you when you make me laugh, And even when you make me cry, I love you ‘coz I know you’ll be right there with me and help me make my tears dry. I love it when you look at me While I’m looking away, I love you so much ‘coz I will never ever love anyone this much ever again. 

You Baby Are So Special To Me You baby are so special to me, You are more special than anyone else can be. I find myself dreaming about you every day and night, And when I wake up in the morning I see your face Like a ray of sunlight. 

I never told you I never told you, what you are to me, I never told you, that you are the world to me, I never told you that you bring a smile when I am sad, Never told you, that you brighten up the day, when it’s bad, Never told you what you mean to me, But, today I am being honest and true. Three simple words, I love you! 

What You Are To Me There are many reasons, Irrespective of all the seasons, My love for you has grown with time, All the way, I cherished its mine, I love you for what you are to me, I love you coz, the real me you are able to see, Now, with time I think I love you more, It is an eternal thread; it’s to the core, I love you sweetheart! 

When I first saw you No matter the world stops by, No matter how much I try, Nothing will ever change my love for you, I can’t pretend, because it’s not so new, I fell for you when I first saw you, I know it’s only you, No matter where time takes me by, My love for you is like the sky, I love you lots and will always do! 

Moments I Spend With You The moments that I spend with you, Makes my life complete, The time that I spend with you, makes me forget everything, Is this love I was thinking for all this while, When I hear your name, why do I smile? Is this love, am I sure, Today let me confess, yes it is, I love you and this is forever and true! 

You Are Mine You are the light in the darkness, You are the gleam of my happiness, You are the reason, why I breathe, You are my life, my heart’s need, I am lost when you are not around me, There is nothing more I can see, I love you and will do till the end of time, You are mine dear You are truly mine! 

Have I Said I Love You? Have I said I love you, Coz you are the only one for me, Wherever I go, It’s your pretty face that I can see, Have I said I love you? I think I do more than me, Till the end of universe, To the depth of the sea, I love you so much! 

A Feeling So Sweet And True Since the day you came in my life, I changed myself for you, I don’t know what it really is, But, it is the feeling so sweet and true, I think if it is called love, Then I surely love you, And, hope you also do! 

Nothing Can Drive Us Apart Your name is written in my heart, No one can ever make us apart, I love you to eternity, I love you till the end of time, I know you also do, And, I really feel proud today, Coz you are mine, I love you loads! 

Waiting for your answer You are the one I think of every night, You are the one I love, with all my might, I hope you understand that this is true, That I love you, Please say that you also do, Please make me the one in few, I love you a lot, can’t stay without you now, Waiting for your answer to take a special vow! 

You are Everything to Me You came in my life, And opened up my heart, With you I felt, A whole new start, You made me calm, A better person in life, Don’t know without you, How will I survive? I love you so much, That it is tough to express, No one does, as you impress, I love you lots baby, I truly do! 

Love you Always You showed me the true meaning of love, You loved me, As no one could do, You stood by me when the time was tough, Don’t need your words, as gestures are enough, And, I want to confess my love for you today, It is not like any other day, Today is special, Because I want to say, I love you, Baby I truly do! 

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