How to Change Free fire Name for Free

Change Free fire Name
Change Free fire Name

So hello guys, so today I will tell you how you can change your name in free fire. To change the name you will need two things First fruit diamond and second name is name changer card.

With the help of these two, you can use your free fire  Can change the name

How to Change Free fire Name
Change Free fire Name


 If you have a diamond free 390 diamond, then you can change your name directly, if you are looking for more than 390 diamonds,


then you can change your name by using the changer card, you will have a token requirement

 I will tell you step down step by step in the photo that what you need to do is to change your free fire name First Friend of First Option A Diamond Firstborn you have to open your profile pic showing your name on the corner  You will have to open that profile,


in that profile you will have an icon at the bottom by typing in the corner, the small white one is looking at the box, you have to type it there, as soon as you type on the box, you will be sent a new open village.  Nick name and your name will be written above which is your


free fire ID and that is the name and how you type your name will be under 399 diamond in your account, then you will get direct ticket and your new name will start to show.


Change Free fire Name

 The second way through which you can change your family name is the way you can get a name changer card, first of all you have to go to it, after going to the store,


there will be a lot of options and options.  Radium will have to go to Radium, after going to the Madam option, you will get a lot of options below it, there will be an option below it,


as you type Typing, in the first option you will see an icon like a card written on it.  In the free name change card post, you will see what the white box looks like and you have to type it, you have to purchase that card, if you purchase it,


you will have to give 39 diamonds and you need 200 tokens if you do not.  Know how we can win Guild tokens, so I will tell you to take old tokens, you have to play with your guild friends by playing with them, you will get Guild tokan and you will be able to redeem that token through your name changer card. 


Near 39 Diamond 200 Guild tokan, then you will be able to change your name.

 If you do not know that you can get a name changer card for some upcoming event, you can get it for free, if you become active in Peepad,


then let me tell you, this 1 month before, you would have known that an event had come up, its name was  Its name is every year in the results Battle Regional Battle,


you know the friend you have to play the classic, through that we have to make some appointments and instead of points we have to give Kans Kin’s Correct Name Changer Card and WhatsApp which items are given to us. 


On behalf of Kareena, let me tell you that there was also a name changer card which was getting at 5000 points. Many of the guns knew about the regional battered.


They got their name change at card by 5000 points. They did not worry.  You will find many events where you can get the name changer card for free, which we were getting, which is yet to come on the result battle.

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