How to check how many top up on free fire 2021

How to check how many top up on free fire

Hello guys, so today I will tell you that as far as I have confirmed it, if you want to know its history, then I will tell you where you can get all the information from.

First of all, I will talk to you that you pay the problem of this payment, what is it on Google in Free Fire or Paytm, if you know its details, then now you can easily find out how many airdrop offers or topups you have  Also done in fire

When I talk about my exams, I make all my payments through Paytm. In Paytm, I generate my Redeem Code and reding the Redeem Code in my mail account and it gives me all the information you have given me below.  You can see in the photo how much total free fire offers I have so far, to see this, you have to follow my step below. My examinations made from Only For Paytm Paytm Redeem Code, you will see below.

How to check how many top up on free fire

First you have to open the play store

The second thing you will see 3dot in the top left side is to click it.

After that click on your account

And in that slider selects you purchase history and you will get all the payments right there.

If you have paid with UPI or debit card, then you may have a lot of problem, how much you have offered, you will know through your net banking, but you may have some difficulty in it, if you want to see history well then you  You use the redeem code for the use and after that you bike any of your offers, in that you can set the limit of the budget you have, if I use the redeem code and when any payment is out of my budget  If it happens, I can set the budget for that picture, Google gives us that picture, but when you do the manual i.e. if you do UP then we don’t get to see the features.

If you have paid with UP and debit card, then you get a mail from Google, but you have to see that mail and you will know that you can get any number in your Gmail ID on the day if you have Facebook or other  You have also connected your application to the application, so you must have received a lot of emails every day, then you may have a lot of trouble there many times you will get about 2000 to 1000 on your mail, but you can manually check it for any person  Becomes very difficult to

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