How to make A drone At Home Just 5 Minutes Powerful

How to make A drone At Home
How to make A drone At Home

 How to make A drone At Home

 How to Make a drone at home:  we will show you how to build one that actually flies hi I’myour son now and I’m Apoorva and we are from radiation educate the drone enthusiasts about the accurate information on drones as we all know that drones are the fuel concept the country discovered in ten minutes so stick around and learn some more with us in

our previous video we checked out the components required to build a drone in case you haven’t watched that videoclick the link here coming to this video by s creators they don’t seem to use the right components the motors thebatteries and where the hell is the flight controller and no surprise the drone did not fly but let’s not get frustrated by this video why don’t we show you how to

How to Make A Drone at Home

build a real drone using ice cream sticks you can use ice cream sticks for the frame as they are easily available and anybody can use it you will require two ice cream sticks and two erasers to build your frame use some quick glue some tape and some rubber bands to join them together let us see a

step-by-step process of how to do that

glue the ice cream sticks at right angles cut the razor into parts as shown in the video it stick each part of the eraser on the ice-filled stick this will act as your motor holder remember to keep some space for your motors use the masking tape required to stand in a joint use a rubber band to mount your motors the important note please do not stick How to Make A Drone at home


the motors to the frame using a glue asyou might have seen in some of theYouTube videos these youtubers do notneed to use the frame or the motorsagain you will require to replace adamaged motor or move the motors on to a new frame if you stick them with a glue you will not be able to do that How to Make A Drone at home


nowmount the flight controller which is thebrain of your drone this is the primusflight controller which uses an appfly a drone you could also use some other flight controllers but you wouldprobably have to buy a remote control to fly it now mount the propellers and finally mount the battery and voila you just built a drone using ice cream sticks that flies and he would love to see you guys build your own rules and win your own frames


it makes for a great drone project this frame is not the final version or the masterpiece it can break isn’t it this is a version for beginners there’s a lot of scope for improvement and you can try your own ideas to make it better do let us know about your experience in the comment How make a drone at home


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