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How to unlock emot For Free Fire :Welcome to our website, so today we will talk about the article in Related Free Fire of Free Fire Unlock Emots, you will have to read this entire article for how you can get emot for free.

You are a very trending topic in Free Fire India, you can find a lot of videos on YouTube but I will tell you in detail how you can take unlock Emots Free Fire Download is more than 500 million i.e. 50 million downloads

How To Unlock Emots For Free Fire

  • What is Emot?
  • How to get emot?
  • How to Use Emot?
  • How to apply Emot?
  • How to work Emot?

What is Emot ?

If you can show your emotes to your friend or anime by showing Unlock Emot in free fire, then it means that you will have your dance Emot in Annie, then you can show dance and you can also entertain it in it. You use Emot during the game to make your friends interested in the game with entertainment from Emot.

How to Get Emot ?

To get an unlock emote in free fire, you have to purchase a diamond only then you can take emo, you need to have a diamond to show emo. If you do not have a diamond, then you can click on the link given below for free. I can win diamond

Whatever new event you have in the free fire, you can get some unlock emots for free, but it will be on limited time, so you have to be ready for it.

Let me tell you, after the Free Fire event, a new event of a new event party came. This month, you were getting a lot of discounts in it, you can get a discount of 70 to 50% on Emot.

That is, the price of a remote costs us 399 Dimoand but after the discount you can get it for around 59 diamonds.

You must have seen that in the new event that comes in Free Fire, the players who play the tournament and the people who post the tournaments give you some redeem codes, you can win the emote, you must have seen on YouTube if you know Otherwise I can see you in the video you see below. To participate in this event, you have to click on that video and you have to present yourself automatically on the live streaming that is happening, after that if watch time On 5000 Watching you will get Emot, you are watching on top of it, there you get unlock emots, then you will win Emot, if you watch below, you cannot get images.

How to use Emot ?

How can you use Emot in Free Fire, the first thing you have to do is open the game, after opening, you have to click on your character, after clicking, you will get the Slot of Emot in which you selected Emot. The same Emot will come and click on it, after that you will reject the character and start, before that you will have to apply your unlock Emots and read the article below automatically.

How to apply Emot ?

First of all, you have to open the free fire game, after that you have to go to the collection, below that you will get the option of Emot, by going there, whatever Emot you have done there, you will get all the Emot, from which you have to drag the dragon in it. Pick up the emote on the side and put it on the side, it will come in the slot and you will be able to use emot

How to work emot ?

First of all, let me tell you how to work emot, you have to do Eqip to work, after putting it in your slot, that is, to do Equp, only then you will be able to use emo.

All Free Fire Emot List

  1. Hello
  2. LoL
  3. provok
  4. applause
  5. Dab
  6. Chicken
  7. Aem wave
  8. shoot dance
  9. Baby Shack
  10. shake with me
  11. GlorioUs spin
  12. Crane kick
  13. Party Dance
  14. Jig Dance
  15. Selfie
  16. Flower of Love
  17. Mummy Dance
  18. push up
  19. Shuffling
  20. FFWC Throne
  21. Dragon Fist
  22. Jaguar Dance
  23. Threaten
  24. Soul shaking
  25. pirate’s Flag
  26. Top Dj
  27. death Glare
  28. Devil’s Move
  29. Furious Slam
  30. Moon Flip
  31. Wiggle walk
  32. Battle Dance
  33. High Five
  34. Skack It Up
  35. Power Of Money
  36. Eat My Dust
  37. Lasso
  38. l m rich
  39. Make it Rain
  40. Dust off
  41. Captain Booyah
  42. Let it Go
  43. Booyah
  44. Piece Of Cake
  45. Break Dance
  46. Kungfu
  47. Bon Appelit
  48. Aim Fire
  49. The Swam
  50. l heat You
  51. Tea Time
  52. Bring It On
  53. Fancy hand
  54. Shimmy
  55. Doggie
  56. challenge On!

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