Most Funny Friendship Shayari In English 2021

Funny Friendship Shayari In English

Most Funny Friendship Shayari In English 2021
Most Funny Friendship Shayari In English 2021

Let the time go away Let the time go away Let the things go pass by Let the world touch the sky One thing that will not change Is the love that I have for you You make me feel so good And out friendship is awesome to I love you a lot my bestie Forever and ever me and you! 

You are full of life You are a friend so full of life You are a friend who’s always there You have some funny ways I know But then who cares As long as we are together As long as we are one There will be never a dearth of fun This is to my best friend forever! 

Do know that I do Don’t know how I tolerate you But there is no choice left I know that I am sick of you But there is a promise unkempt I know that you have a sad face But our friendship has that grace This will sustain all through life I was just kidding my friend! I thought you were wise! 

I know that we fight I know that we fight a lot But then we makeup too I know that we are different We are too awesome too I know there is a true friend in you I am searching in the few I know that you are there for me And I am there for you My best friend forever! Most Funny Friendship Shayari In English 2021

You are so silly You are so silly you know that I get embarrassed by you in time But then again I think That you are my partner in crime You are silly I know that But you are still my best friend A friend who is true by heart And there is no pretend! 

You are so perfect as you are You are so cute on the role Oh my best friend you are so bold The stupid things that you do I feel so embarrassed too But I have to keep smiling Because I truly love you My bestie you are so cool And we both are two perfect fools! In this bond of friendship! Funny Friendship Shayari In English

My life with you is so easy you know Oh my bestie life is so much fun with you With you I can dance my heart out With you I can be all mad You are always there making funny faces Whenever I feel so bad My bestie I love you so much I think more than me I feel so good on my destiny As I have a friend like you! 

You know that is my friend in life You know my lovely friend in life You double up my joys You subtract all the pain You multiply my happiness And divide my every gain You are the reason for my smile You are the reason I stay happy a while Cheers to our friendship forever! 

When we meet in life with heart When we meet we are like house on fire People around should get scared Of our funny ways and stupid talks There is a reason to get upset But, we know that we rock as a duo And we know that we are here to stay Will never leave this friendship in life Come what may! We are friends for life! 

Best friends are like life Your friendship is like the sweet cookie The taste lingers in my mouth When I look at you I get so excited That I have to shout Your friendship is like the sweet cake This gets tasty when we together bake With love and trust forever Cheers to our friendship in time! 

I know I am I chose you without any regret Coz I know that you are so cute May not tell you every time But I do care for you my bestie Do you know you are special to me With you I forget everything in life Your smile gives a reason to strive Love you forever in life! Funny Friendship Shayari In English

You are there You are the real sunshine who always gives some heat Ok this was just my way to greet To a super funny friend I know I may not really care or show That how much I love you dear You spread so much of cheer You make my heart all happy and gay Love your company come what may! Cheers to our friendship! 

You are like silly You irritate me a lot Yes from every thought, Your stupid and silly ways The way you embrace The chatter box that you are From earth to the star Your endless cribs and pains And never ending gains In spite of all this I so love you It’s only you my bestie! I truly do! 

When we pose We make the same pose for a selfie Nah it’s not only me Who talks silly things, You have your own way as well Leave everything in the past to dwell My friend when you are around There is so much fun that surround Thanks for coming in my life With your cool smile I also survive Love you so much! 

You think or I think You think that I am wrong But my friend I am also strong Won’t come in your foolish tricks Of all the stupid bricks You talk senseless at times Still I love you for this When you are not there It’s you who I miss I love you my super cute friend With you I don’t need to pretend! Funny Friendship Shayari In English

With you my friend With you my sorrow gets subtracted And my happiness gets added You are a rear peace you know But, I feel so good to show That you are my friend for life You are in my every strive You are so much fun you know Together it was so much fun to grow With a friend like you whose so wonderful Lol..and also beautiful! 

We fight I know We fight a lot I know Your grumpy face you show But you need to know the reason You keep arguing in every season Grow up my silly friend I swear I don’t pretend It’s you who blame for things And it makes my heart sing That forgive my silly friend! She can’t even defend! I love you very much! 

Things go wrong Things go wrong I know But, there is best friend to show You are there to wipe my tears Though you also laugh at me You always tell me That both will flee Somewhere and start afresh These weird ideas make me smile Not for one hour but all the while, Thanks for being there my friend! 

You and me are like You keep all my secrets And I can trust you well If we did something unusual Then both will go to hell Best friends are friends for life Without you I won’t survive You are so special to me Its everywhere you I can see Enough I think for your glee! Funny Friendship Shayari In English

Don’t you worry Hey my friend, don’t you worry, I am also getting old with you There is nothing so special Nothing so new As age is getting caught in brew I am for your company So feel alright Cheers to our friendship with all my might! To a great friend like you! 

Like you in life A friend like you is hard to find, You act so silly You are one of a kind, A little dumb but a little sweet This is how I wanted to greet To a super yet funny friend I know I may never show But, still I love you to the core Cheers to friendship! 

Friendship rules Being with you is surely fun, But you know I am the number one It is because of me that this friendship is nice It is because I can act so wise Because you are a little dumb, Ok I think now I would act numb, Because you will shout, Hey just kidding You are my bestie! 

A friend in you A friend is someone who touches your heart, For that one great start, She will shout at you for no reason, Talk nonsense in every season, But, she is still special in life, She is the reason why we survive, That is you my friend, Love you so much! 

Do you know? You know my dear friend, That you add so much happiness in life, And you also lessen my strive, Because you multiply my smile, As you divide all the while, Coz you are my only bestie, Love you forever! Funny Friendship Shayari In English

You must know Hey you are my bestie, It’s for you to know, I may not shout, And, I may not show, But, you know that we will stand for each other, Coz we will stay together, We will be friends forever! 

what if we What if we fight so much, What if you scream ? At the end of the day you will remain with me, And, I know it’s for you to see, That I am so bugged with you, But, still we are the blessed few, Love you my friend! 

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We share We share a cute equation, Where we fight like Tom and Jerry, But, having you in my life, Is like icing and the cherry, Coz our bond is special and true, Coz our bond will remain new, Our friendship rocks! Most Funny Friendship Shayari In English 2021

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Funny Friendship Shayari In English

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