Why Celebrate Valentine’s day Today 2021

 What valentine’s day means And Why Celebrate Valentine’s day Today 


Why Celebrate Valentine's day Today
Why Celebrate Valentine’s day Today

Valentine’s Day 


Valentine’s Day History:   Hello, friends!

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Love… Even though a small word, it is beyond everything and it is everything. Love might be created along with the world…


It continues for generations and mesmerizes.

But Love which is the symbol of purity and desire loops everyone’s heart still…Showcasing its specification… Always keeps showing the truth that it travels along with the world. When Valentine’s Day which is a special day for lovers comes, youth…

The happiness of lovers cannot be expressed in words. This is called as Valentine’s Day. 

 Why Celebrate Valentine’s day Today

Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated on 14 February every year? In this video, I am going to show you the facts about Valentine’s Day.

Earlier, Roman Emperor Claudius II used to think a lot for the sake of his empire.As part of that, Claudius appointed a huge army for the protection. As part of the empire protection… He kept a condition to the soldiers who joined the army. That is… After joining the army, thinking that the soldiers to be strong and concentrated in the battles…

He passed the order that soldiers should not marry… And made it a law. This critical decision that was taken by the emperor shocked those soldiers. A Christian preacher named Saint Valentine who was a saint in that empire opposed the ruled passed by Claudius.

If the soldiers working at that Roman Emperor loves anyone or if they desire to get married… He used to secretly get all those couples married. It happened likewise for some time, after that… Roman Emperor Claudius II came to know this and immediately called Valentine…

He ordered to sentence him to death… He was kept in the jail for some days before execution. When the daughter of the jailer came to jail, she used to speak with Valentine.

Valentine felt sad that she is blind. He prayed for her in the jail for few days and restored her vision… And made her see with her eyes. As part of the punishment, a day before the execution… Lastly, he sent jailer’s daughter a love letter signed “from your Valentine”…

On the next day, Valentine was clubbed to death… The evidence shows that he was buried in Flaminia on 14 February. After this incident, opposing Roman emperor…

Many people who worshipped Valentine who used to get several couples married and began the new generation…

Remembering Valentine who was buried on 14 February… The same day is celebrated as a day for lovers.

Supporting this day, even few other countries are also celebrating this day as Valentine’s Day in the name of Valentine.

In addition, roses are the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love it seems.

So they made red roses as the symbol of love.

In 1537, England’s King Henry VII officially declared February 14 the holiday of St. Valentine’s Day.

Since then, 14 February has been celebrated as Valentine’s Day.

In the history, influential lovers such as Salim-Anarkali, Paru-Devadas and Romeo-Juliet showcased the greatness of love…

And remained an inspiration for love.

This is the information about the actual facts of Valentine’s Day.

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